Monika Kalinauskaitė

Monika Kalinauskaitė is an independent writer, critic and occasional badminton player from Vilnius, Lithuania. Her writing focuses mainly on contemporary visual art, architectural theory and critical essays. She is currently studying Art History and Theory in Vilnius Academy of Art.

Slightly gothic undertones. Interview with Yuri Pattison


Yuri Pattison investigates the forces of labor in digital economies and crooked intersections between the real and virtual in a variety of media: video, web, sculptural installations. In this interview we discussed the notion of abject, which has recently been

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Constructed Land: Dutch Stories by Patricija Jurkšaitė in Vartai Gallery


The Netherlands is one of those countries that are more sharply defined in one’s imagination than on the map. Country-constructs like these seem familiar even before one visits them, so standing in the middle of their realness can give one

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