Līga Marcinkeviča is an artist and art critic from Latvia.

How Maija Kurševa and I talked about her newest project, LOW Gallery

Līga Spunde & Klāvs Mellis "How a Well-known Local Art Historian Called Me Fat When I Was Nine"

In March earlier this year, in the building at Ģertrūdes iela 115, in Riga, the doors in the basement space – now known as LOW Gallery – opened with Unasked-for Truth (“Neprasītā patiesība”), an exhibition by two young artists, Brenda

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Learn to talk while talking


Līga Marcinkeviča in conversation with Darja Meļņikova. Līga Marcinkeviča: In my notes it says that we should talk about you, about the things that you do, about your thoughts, simply have a conversation. But all of that relates to art.

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