Jurij Dobriakov

Jurij Dobriakov is an independent researcher of contemporary culture and art phenomena, critic, teacher and translator. He contributes texts to various Lithuanian and international cultural publications and catalogues of art projects, and takes part in publishing initiatives, conferences and seminars. He teaches photography theory and culturology of everyday life. Among his interests are psychoanalysis, media theory, urbanism and psychogeography, nostalgia, memory and the phenomenon of cultural generations.

Euphoric dystopias. Julijonas Urbonas’ exhibitions “Prototypes of Alternative Realities” at the Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre and “Airtime” at the XXI Triennale di Milano

Airtime_by Julijonas Urbonas_Installation View2

Critical techno art is still tragically scarce in Lithuania. The word “tragically” comes up involuntarily when stopping to think about how much one’s life is majorly governed by technology today, and how relevant this topic has become in the international

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What would a contemporary Bildungsroman be like?

Break Dance workshop with residents Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson, Aneta Rostkowska and Marnie Slater at arts and education centre Rupert in Vilnius, 2014

One begins to think about the subtleties of education from a philosophical perspective not when one is in the role of the educated, but rather when one becomes (usually quite unexpectedly) a teacher. I’m not sure if there are many

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The Lure of the Occult: Three Exhibitions at KUMU

Film still from Invocation of My Demon Brother, Kenneth Anger, 1969

If one dropped into KUMU in late March without prior knowledge of what was on show aside from the permanent display, like I did, one would find three temporary exhibitions (plus an extensive historical overview of Estonian printmaking not covered

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Looking at the Coast from the Sea: How to Appreciate Liminality and Transition


Inter-Format Symposium on Flux of Sand and Aquatic Ecosystems, May 22-25, 2014 The 4th Inter-Format Symposium was undoubtedly the high point of the whole annual symposium series hosted by Nida Art Colony in collaboration with various other partner institutions in the

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A spectral glossary of critical tourism by Jurij Dobriakov

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The figures of ‘tourist’ and ‘vagabond’ mark the two poles of a continuum along which our life and our expectations are plotted.   The Tourist Syndrome: Adrian Franklin interviews Zygmunt Bauman Prologue: lost in residency In February 2013, I spent

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