Jogintė Bučinskaitė is an art critic.

Instrumentation for Hybrids. Conversation with the artists Anna Romanenko and Björn Kühn

blackening the Rhyme 2

When speaking about any of the natures surrounding and inscribed in us, we are increasingly often beset with doubts regarding their naturalness. The Hybrid(…)scapes exhibition at VAA Nida Art Colony deals precisely with this kind of scenarios when we try

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A Few Notes on ‘Notes on Tomorrow’


A group show of works by twenty-one artists titled Notes on Tomorrow opened on June 17th at the Meno Forma gallery and the Ars et Mundus art incubator in Kaunas, organised by the CreArt network. The exhibition presents a series

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Growing Mushrooms, Diminishing Us


The lifespan of the fruiting body of a fungus, except for some polyporaceae fungi, is very short – from several hours to a dozen days. People believe that fungi grow very fast, which is partially true, but this only applies

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Artist Residency as a Black Rectangle. A Conversation with Tomas Grunskis and Laurie Lax

Laurie Lax, “Oblong (Parnidžio kopa)” [day one]. Project during residency at Nida Art Colony. Photo by N. Paganelli.

Talking about artist residencies as an alternative or a new model of artistic practice makes no sense if you take a closer look at the tradition of this phenomenon and the density of residencies today. Just like talking about the

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