Jana Kukaine

Jana Kukaine is an art critic from Latvia. Her starting point is – if the artists can do whatever they want and call it art, I can do what I want and call it criticism. (A slightly inaccurate quote from Lucy Lippard).

A Bright Future for Everyone

Kadi Estland, Blood May Have Been Planted. Dior fragrance, columns, teeth, seashell. 2019. Courtesy of the artist. Photo by Marta Vaarik

A review of the dual exhibition ‘vomiting and crying vomiting and crying you are my sister you are my sister’ by Kadi Estland and Netti Nüganen at Tartu Art Museum from 18 January 2019 to 28 April 2019. The title

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Exit Closed. A review of Synchrodogs’ exhibition ‘Back to Nature’

Synchrodogs ‘Back to Nature’, exhibition view, kim? Contemporary Art Centre 2017. Photo: Ansis Starks

The artistic duo Synchrodogs, whose exhibition Back to Nature was on view at kim? Contemporary Art Centre (until 9th July, 2017) in the frame of Riga Photomonth, are two Ukrainian-born artists Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven. Referred to as the

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Caution: Family. Risk of Explosion!


Rasa Jansone, Families. Mummy Has a Hump. The Child’s Playing for Power. Daddy’s Protected by Someone. Cēsis Exhibition Hall from November 25th to December 31st. When wandering among these large-format portraits – all of them so charged and full of

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A Pumpkin’s Universe


The name of the exhibition by Ieva Jurjāne, displayed at Alma gallery (October 19th – November 17th 2016),  in English might also sound like this: Life is Still. Then the word-play inherent in it would become more obvious. However, it

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Feminine genealogy. Separation and convergence


Excerpt from Chapter 5: Feminine genealogy. Separation and convergence Jana Kukaine. ‘Daiļās mātes. Sieviete. Ķermenis. Subjektivitāte’ (Beautiful Mothers. Woman. Body. Subjectivity). Rīga: Neputns: 2016 [in press]. [..] One of the themes of contemporary feminist art is devoted to the study

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Mooste Passages

Eva Vēvere, Inverse,  2016, Foto: Sabine Burger

Just like the exhibition Omega 3 is devoted to something that is dying out and past its ‘use-by’ date (it could be a certain form of agriculture, or a type of work organisation with the instrument and interiors that are

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Once in a Tavern

Horizontu_meklejot_atversana_Baznica_Dzelcela_Muzejs_martins_otto (50)

The Exhibition “In Search of the Horizon” at the Latvian Railway History Museum (23.05-20.07 2014) “The searching nature of art”, “works which could not… not be created”, “the essence of art”, “the presence of the divine in the work of

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In a Subway Tunnel with an Artificial Escort


“Underground” group exhibition at the kim? Contemporary Art Centre   I must begin with the fact that, in this case, it wouldn’t be correct to use the term “group exhibition”, bearing in mind the intention of the artists involved. There’s no

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