Inga Lāce

Inga Lāce is a project manager and curator at the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies from the University of Latvia and a Master’s degree in the Culture Management from the The Latvian Academy of Culture. She is running projects within Middle East and elsewhere. The topic of her interest is applicability of the post-Soviet experience to the Middle East and visa versa. She is currently participating in de Appel Arts Centre Curatorial Programme, Amsterdam (2014-2015).

We don’t do meetings on artistic research as such anymore

artistic research

The discussion about research has entered the field of art during the last two decades evidently and convincingly. Nevertheless there are many misunderstandings related to the term artistic research, its distinction from research in other fields of science and humanities,

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Tracing the Post-Soviet: from One’s Living Room to Central Asia

Treasure hunt is a game where each player tries to be the first in finding whatever has been hidden, using a series of clues and directions, but mainly counting on their imagination. Searching for artists, who work with the Soviet

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