Helen Merila is an art writer currently studying Art and Visual Culture (MA) at Estonian Academy of Arts.

In Screen We Trust

Photo: Stanislav Stepaško

The exhibition ‘Archaeology of the Screen’ took place recently at the Estonian art museum KUMU. The title of the show allows for multiple interpretations, so it was difficult to predict what the main theme of the exhibition would be. Today,

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I’m more of an artist than an activist. Interview with Jaanus Samma


Jaanus Samma (b. 1982) is one of the hottest names on the Estonian contemporary art scene. His intelligent, appealingly sharp and always on-point method for commenting on various processes in society has brought him a lot of local and international

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Noise Visions by Mihkel Kleis


Saturday, three o´clock in the afternoon. Arriving at the Temnikova & Kasela Gallery after a short walk by the central market in a cold rainy Tallinn seems misleadingly calming. The warmly smiling gallerist has also just arrived and opened the doors to

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