Gintarė Matulaitytė

Gintarė Matulaitytė is an art critic. She was an editor of an art criticism magazine for the Baltics – Echo Gone Wrong until December 2015.

Gintarė Matulaitytė fired from her position as an editor of Echo Gone Wrong

Gintare - EGW - ofisas - 2-a

Dear readers, You are reading my last entry as an editor of Echo Gone Wrong: me and the owners of Echo Gone Wrong will be parting ways over our “incongruous positions.”  As many of you might have already noticed, the

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Echo Gone Wrong goes local!

After 4 years of anglophonic communication in the Baltic States, Echo Gone Wrong has decided to speak in local languages. You can find some of the articles available in the original languages or in the languages of the audiences to

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Alternative education as a countryside academism

We are constantly facing a need to supplement the incomplete academic programs that often fail to grasp the zeitgeist and be relevant today, and we seek to find alternatives to the ineffective academic formats. As a result of this discontent

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Art & Response / Ability without responsibility

How familiar is the situation when the curators and artists are seemingly trying to stay open to the viewer’s interpretation and instead of imposing their own perspective as the correct one, start a “conversation” “in the international artists and art

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Dress code: “global warming”

“The climate is changing, oceans are being polluted, whole species of plants and animals are going extinct.”, says the curator of the NEWMAN composium held in Druskininkai last July. “The problem is in the self-conception. What can the Newman do?”

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Call for exit from contemporary art

Taking on the same issues discussed in the series “The Effect of Contemporaneity”, the forthcoming release by Suhail Malik “On the Necessity of Art’s Exit from Contermporary Art” is calling to renounce contemporary art’s logic of escape. Malik’s research on the

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What does art do?

Instead of asking “what is art?”, we might ask “what does art do?”. We continue with the series of reflections on contemporaneity and art with the third part of The Effect of Contemporaneity – III dedicated to the topic of value.

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A conversation with Juan de Nieves – newly appointed director of arts and education center “Rupert”


From an under-spoken, mysterious organisation that had no permanent space and held gatherings and lectures around the town, Rupert recently turned institionalized. With a new building constructed on the outskirts of Vilnius and a newly appointed director it is becoming

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Yann Gross: Documentary Photography vs. Photojournalism


Yann Gross (b. 1981, Switzerland) is a remarkable photographer of the generation. Awarded with a special prize in prestigious photography festival Photo España (2008), he was invited to hold a solo exhibition of the world’s most famous photography festival in Arles in

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