Ernest Truely

Ernest Truely is an artist from America working in an Estonian context. Since 2008 Mr. Truely has coordinated international artist residency at Culture Factory Polymer in Tallinn Estonia. He is one of the founding members of Error, a collective that creates social installations from available resources in disused spaces. Mr. Truely is a lecturer at Baltic Film and Media school and offers alternative art educational lectures and workshops throughout Europe.

Transgressing the White Cube: Creating an Integrated, Open Forum

estonian former primeminister - Copy

Literary evening “Last Thursday” (kirjandusõhtu “Viimane neljapäev”) occurs on the last Thursday of each month, in various venues in Tallinn Estonia. According to Steven Vihalem, the creator and organizer, “The first event was at Kodu baar in 2013 February 28. Kodu baar

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Two Hearts Pulse as One: Monumentalism as Physical Sound. On Raul Keller’s Solo Exhibition “What You Hear is What You Get (Mostly)”


Cornered by a big man in black leather pants and motorcycle jacket at an exhibition at Pärnu artist house in Estonia, at first, I felt fearful. Towering over me he asks in an abrupt way who I am and where I come

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Project of Non-existent Villages

2014-06-23 Kaluka (2)

Olematute kylade project / Project of Non-existent Villages, Võru Linnagalerii/ Võru town gallery, Võru Estonia 28 June -28 July 2014 Taavi Suisalu in his first curatorial endeavor invited Error collective to participate in a group exhibition about abandoned villages in

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Journey to Liminal Dome in the Context of Techno Ecologies


OUR CENTRAL IDEA is the construction of situations, that is to say, the concrete construction of momentary ambiances of life and their transformation into a superior passional quality. We must develop a systematic intervention based on the complex factors of

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The Millionth Global Container: There will be Blood


Since 2008 Global Container attendance has increased from twenty to several hundred and the after party has become slightly less depressive; naked, bloody and bodily art has receded into practiced and polished performances. Global Container is a, more or less,

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