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Nerijus Erminas and Andrius Erminas at the international art and music festival ‘Zemlika’ in Latvia

Nerijus Erminas, Inscenizacija. Kortų namelis, 2017, fragmentas I

During the festival “Zemlika”, AV17 gallery in cooperation with NGO Skyr will present prominent conceptual sculpture artists in Lithuania – Nerijus Erminas and Andrius Erminas. On October 20th – 22nd, 2017, the 7th edition of festival of art and music

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‘Young Painter Prize 2017’ at VAA Exhibition Halls ‘Titanikas’


Young Painter Prize is taking place for the ninth time. It is one of the most important art events in the Baltic countries, held since 2009. This project combines the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian young artists a common goal – to

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rupert-invitation (1)

Unlike most exhibitions, which deal with end products, this show deals with by-products: with the press proofs, original art and photographs that current artists-in-residence Nina Fránková and Marije Gertenbach may use or discard in their work. Nina Fránková and Marije

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Photo reportage from Baltic Triennial 13 – Prelude at Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

Dorota Gaweda and Egle Kulbokaite (YOUNG GIRL READING GROUP), reading with a single hand, 2017. Photo: Andrej Vasilenko

The Prelude for Baltic Triennial 13 unveils what often remains invisible: a range of intentions, engagements, research and emotions. The purpose is to make public what nurtured the Triennial: its poetry section (words, rhythms, thoughts / poetry, music, theory), crucial

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Exhibition ‘DEAD MAN’S SKIS. How to describe the forest to digital rabbits’ curated by Peeter Laurits at Vaal gallery


Orchestrated with the help of 20 artists, the exhibition addresses a topic that applies to everyone these days: how to describe the forest to digital rabbits. The selected artists form a network, a rhizome, in which all parts differ substantially:

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VAA Nida Art Colony’s exhibition “When the Sea Looks Back (A Serpent’s Tale)” will re-surface in Berlin

Virgilijus Šonta, Black Hill, silver gelatin print on resin coated paper, 30.5 × 42.5 cm, 1985

After an iteration at VAA Nida Art Colony this summer, the group exhibition “When the Sea Looks Back (A Serpent’s Tale)” moves to Berlin. The show will re-surface at the interdisciplinary art space District Berlin, run by the exhibition’s curators

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Exhibition ‘Endless Ends’ by Vajiko Chachkhiani at Vartai gallery

Exhibition 'Endless Ends' by Vajiko Chachkhiani at Vartai gallery

Galerija Vartai is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition ‘Endless Ends’ by the Georgian artist Vajiko Chachkhiani, who will be presenting a selection of his latest paintings, sculptures, videos and installations. Vajiko Chachkhiani is an artist of material,

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6th International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium in Daugavpils


Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre concludes its residency season of 2017 with the 6th International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium. From 16 until 27 October, Daugavpils will welcome 10 artists from Denmark, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden. The

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‘Abstract Karaoke’ by Jurgis Paškevičius at Editorial

Jusgis Paskevicius

7 pm, October 21st Editorial project space (Latako g. 3, Vilnius) invites you to an exhibition “ABSTRACT KARAOKE” by Jurgis Paškevičius. The show runs until October 31. Something so essential that you would not even notice it being in front

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institution_periphery_synapse: Final Program of the Curated Residency CENTRAS in Kaunas


On 17-19th October, ar Kaunas Artists’ House (Putvinskio st. 56, Kaunas) a final program called institution_periphery_synapse of the international curated artist residency CENTRAS will take place. After exploring the experiential contexts of Kaunas, the artist collectives Lehman Brothers, Monika Janulevičūtė

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