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Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘At Bay’ by Ellie Hunter at Editorial

At Bay, Installation image

 “At Bay” considers the horizontal viewpoint of a bedridden figure; a forced horizontality. It’s a frustrated, anesthetized sight. A sight that privileges the image plane of ceiling panels hovering parallel above her head, or the eye of the lamp glaring

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Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Epicentre’ Oleg Frolov & Tobias Kaspar at theTemnikova & Kasela gallery

19 Oleg Frolov _Fountain of fantasy, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness_ detail, 2018, Photo S.Stepaško

Oleg Frolov’s and Tobias Kaspar’s duo show “Epicentre” at Temnikova & Kasela uses an image of the planet Earth by night as visual promotion. The night view reveals only the outlines of continents and spots of light pollution, effectively presenting

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Quinn Latimer. You Must Find Your Form at CAC Reading Room

quinn latimer

The launch of the new curated shelf will be celebrated with a lecture by Quinn Latimer. How does a voice find its form? How does it escape it? Quinn Latimer’s curated shelf for the CAC Reading Room, in Vilnius, brings

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Nerijus Erminas’ exhibition `Thoughtful ocean. Guests` at (AV17) gallery

Nerijus Erminas, exhibition _Thoughtful ocean. Guests_ fragment, 2018

On 13th of December, at 6 pm (AV17) gallery is pleased to present one of the most famous Lithuanian conceptual sculptor Nerijus Erminas’s exhibition “Thoughtful ocean. Guests”. N. Erminas has had more than ten personal shows during his career. In

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Exhibition ‘Surveillance Capitalism’ by Varvara & Mar at Sodų 4

Varvara & Mar

The era of surveillance capitalism, which was coined by Shoshana Zuboff in 2015, dominates and controls our behaviour. The term refers to the fact that the users are surveilled for monetary reasons. In other words, we have reached the age

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Eva Mustonen’s solo exhibition ‘Spider-Woman’ at Kogo Gallery

Eva Mustonen

Deriving from the myths related to weaving (both ancient and contemporary), Eva Mustonen offers a prosaic version of tapestry as a niche and archaic textile art form. At the exhibition “Spider-Woman” the artist lays her creative process directly in front

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Tartu Art Museum shows Dara Birnbaum’s legendary artwork ‘Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman’


On 7th December, Tartu Art Museum will open the fifth project in the exhibition series “Links to the World” introducing internationally acclaimed video art. The exhibition focuses on the American artist Dara Birnbaum (b 1946) and her work “Technology/Transformation: Wonder

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Photo reportage drom Ivars Gravlejs’ solo exhibition at careva contemporary


The renown Latvian photographer Ivars Gravlejs’s exhibition “Shopping Poetry” is on view at the art gallery careva contemporary from 9 November until 15 December, 2018. Ivars Gravlejs is one of the best known Latvian photographers of his generation, often working

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Performative discussion ‘Water Cooler Tongue Effect’ by Kabinetas and Saulė Noreikaitė at gallery 101 in Kaunas


Chatting around the water cooler may yield more than office gossip; it may help scientists produce better research, according to Harvard Medical School (HMS) investigators. On 11 December from noon till 7 p.m., an event “Water Coller Tongue Effect” will

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Emilija Škarnulytė ‘Sirenomelia’. Introduced by Nadim Samman December 4–18, 2018

Earth observatory. The Norwegian Mapping Authority’s geodetic observatory at Ny-Ålesund in Svalbard plays a key role on reference frames and global collaboration on monitoring the planet. Data from the observatory is also important to monitor changes in sea levels arising from climate change.

Information from:  A woman born with sirenomelia, a mythological posthuman being takes us on the journey to the Cold War submarine base above the arctic circle. She exposes a future liberated from the military and economic structures that oppress the

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