Brigita Reinert

Brigita Reinert is a second year master student in the Institute of Art History at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She has a background in philosophy, art education, art history and theory, and practical experience in fine arts, curating and text-based arts projects. Currently she works as a freelance arts manager and critic.

Tallinn Photomonth. An Afterimage

Antonis Pittas. Hands On. Installation with carpeted sculpture, soft sculptures and slide projections. 2017. Photo: Karel Koplimets, Tallinn Art Hall

  The international art biennial Tallinn Photomonth has been held since autumn 2011 as a self-initiative. This year’s Photomonth was held for the fourth time, and its main organisers were the artist Laura Toots and the project manager of the

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Two grams of irony, three grams of topicality and five grams of criticism. Interview with Flo Kasearu


Flo Kasearu is a very distinctive artist. Namely, when she was 28 years old, she created a house museum named after her. Through this museum she has critically investigated the position of the artist in today’s contemporary society. The museum’s

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When the only way to live is through humour. Interview with Kris Lemsalu

father is in town

When it comes to Kris Lemsalu, one must first lose any frame of rationality. In one sense, Lemsalu could be seen as the trickster of the art world who constantly creates a distinguishing reality around herself, one who is always

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