Alberta Vengrytė is an art critic.

‘Four Rooms with a View’ and the Rumble of Thunder. Contemporary sculpture at the Vartai Gallery in Vilnius

‘Four Rooms with a View’, Vartai gallery, 2018

This year, from 29 October to 30 November, the Vartai Gallery in Vilnius showcased ‘Four Rooms with a View’ (Keturi kambariai su vaizdu). In the exhibition, five contemporary artists, Aron Mehzion, Anastasija Sosunova and Andrea Zucchini, Neringa Vasiliauskaitė, and Johannes

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Stories from our backyards belong to the world. A conversation with Anastasia Sosunova


When we first began arranging the details for our meeting, Anastasia suggested we should do it in Lazdynai, one of the farther districts of Vilnius. There, besides the modernist apartment buildings so praised in architecture history textbooks, you’ll find the

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Painting Is (not) Just Fun Anymore. The Young Painter Prize 2017

Photo: Young Painter Prize

On the 26th of October 2017, the winning artist of the Young Painter Prize 2017 was announced at the opening exhibition for its finalists in an award ceremony taking place in the exhibition halls Titanic of Vilnius Academy of Arts

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Contemporary painting strategies. Merike Estna in conversation with Alberta Vengrytė

Merike Estna, Blue Lagoon, installation, 2014. Courtesy of Art Museum of Estonia. 16th International Vilnius Painting Triennial ‘Nomadic Images’. Photo: Gintaras Janavičius

Alberta Vengrytė: Towards the end of November, one of your works – an installation entitled Blue Lagoon (Blue Lagoon first showed in 2014 in a solo show curated by Kati Ilves for KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia) was presented at

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Poems, things and ‘risky normality’. Conversation with Krišs Salmanis


Alberta Vengrytė: Your exhibition, which recently opened at Vartai gallery in Vilnius, is titled Poems and Things. The very concept of a ‘thing’, partly used to name this particular art event and its ideological whole, or which possibly includes constituent

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