Agnė Bagdžiūnaitė holds some degrees in Fine Arts but the main interest however lays in other fields than art. She is a member of Žemat (Žeimiai Technical College of Esthetic Thought and Anonymity) collective that runs activities in small town Žeimiai and sometimes other cities. She might be a member of other non-artistic collectives as well. She is not used to writing on art issues of any kind.

What I know about Beautiful Soul Syndrome Community


  The author of the text studied in the Kingdom of Welfare, and after she left it a couple of years ago, she felt an obligation to write about that experience some day. The experience was based on her art

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“We must not forget that the main axis of any work is its CREATOR…”. Interview with Dainius Liškevičius

muziejus ndg

The great Venetian “fair” is here. All countries send their delegates, who are awarded an exceptional occasion of being national heroes and presenting their works to a mob of art tourists and specialists in the historical capital of Western European

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