'Artist Crisis Center' at the LOW gallery in Riga

October 23, 2019
Author Echo Gone Wrong

This October Artist Crisis Center is open in the welcoming premises of gallery LOW to provide support for the creative types cheated by Fortune or beaten by the hooves of Pegasus.
Accompanied by a shelter for unwanted art and around-the-clock help centre, it is providing refuge and assistance for those in need, all while surrounded by a soothing atmosphere to ease agitated minds and restless souls. The gallery space is now unusually cosy as the stark whiteness of a white cube is replaced by pleasantly beige interior. Clearly distinguishable health workers are always ready to instruct visitors in use of the healing equipment or provide the guidance to artists at troublesome times. The difficulty of placing your uncomfortable body in the pompous setting of an exhibition opening has been eliminated by the convenient seating, while dimmed lighting hides flaws of disgraced artists and embarrassing artwork as well as those found in the faces of viewers.

Artist Crisis Center consist of “interior” (functional furniture) created by artists Ieva Kraule Kūna and Elīna Vītola and 16 artistic crisis related artworks (or series) by other artists that are integral part of it and cannot be pointed out.  Participating artists: Normunds Brasliņš, Anna Ceipe, F5, Alexei Gordin, Flo Kasearu, Darja Meļņikova, Ieva Putniņa, Krisane Kursiša, Maija Kurševa, Klāvs Upacieris, Ojārs Pētersons, Juris Pudāns, Līva Rutmane, Līga Spunde, Kristaps Zariņš, Amanda Ziemele.

October 1 to November 1, 2019
LOW gallery, Riga

Photography: LOW gallery OW