Art Future/Future Signs – student group exhibition

6 pm
Duration: 2015 10 16  - 2015 11 01

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Art Future/Future Signs is an exhibition platform representing 17 Nordic/Baltic KUNO fine art academies. The aim of the platform is to propose, show, exchange and interact with the vision of the future. The participating artists are posing the question of what the future of art might be; what the position of the artist is in the community today; and how the rapid development of technologies are influencing the artistic processes in parallel with influencing and changing human behavior and reactions to the surroundings. The role of the artist in society is the main focus at the exhibition. The divisions of labor in the art field today are directly influencing the tendencies of art in future. The Future is never a secure place to step into!

Art Future/Future Signs is both presenting works in a traditional gallery space (installations, video, texts, objects) and live action and performance works, which are scheduled during the opening of the exhibition. The mini biennial Art Future/ Future Signs is part of the Centenary project of Art Academy of Latvia – Future Signs. The project is organised at the initiative of the KUNO network, Art Academy of Latvia and with curatorial group: Esben Holk/DK, Ferdinand Evaldsson/SE/, Ona Juciute/LT/, Linda Teikmane/LV/, Marija Griniuk/LT/DK/, Arja Horneland/NO/, Viktorija Peleckaite/LT/ and is part of the annual KUNO Network meeting. The project is supported by State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF) in Latvia and KUNO.

Participating artists: Anete Bajare/LV/, Carola Bjork/SE/, Christina Rene Jensen/NO/, Gabriel Karlsson/SE/, Jonas Kjeldgaard Sorensen/DK/, Siri Frances/NO/, Talivaldis Muzikants/LV/, Victoria Repasi/SE/, Wendimagegn Belete/NO/, Eva Junga/LV/, Robel Temesgen/NO/, Vygintas Orlovas /LT/.

Opening 16.10.2015 at 18:00 At Art Academy of Latvia, Exhibition Hall, 13 Kalpaka boulevard, Riga, Latvia

Echo Gone Wrong
September 25, 2015
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