‘Abstract Karaoke’ by Jurgis Paškevičius at Editorial

Something so essential that you would not even notice it being in front of you,
something so casual that you could chat about all day.

Jurgis Paškevičius (b. 1987 Vilnius, Lithuania) mostly works within language and situation-specific contexts. In the year 2011 he finished BA studies in Photography and Media Arts department in Vilnius Art Academy. In the year 2013 he finished his MA studies in Fine Arts department in Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. He currently lives and works in Vilnius.

The artist’s solo projects inlcude: Technotitlan, DEAR, Articulo123, Mexico City (2015), What‘s that stuck between your teeth?, Casa del Lago, Mexico City, Mexico (2015), My tattoos are like visa stamps in my passport, ESMoA, Los Angeles, USA (2014), Oll Korrect, San Serriffe, Amsterdam (2013). Selected group projects, exhibition, performances: Karaoke Police, Kunstverein, Amsterdam (2015), Karaoke Police, Nomas, Rome (2014), Karaoke Police, CAC, Vilnius (2013), Restorun. The soup opera by Jugedamos, Performa, New York, USA (2013), Pastapun met mint oysters, De Apple art center, Amsterdam (2013), Thinging, Frutta gallery, Rome (2013), ICI’s Curatorial Hub, TEMP/ ICI, New York, USA (2013), Duo show, The Gardens, Vilnius (2012), Photo Finish, CAC, Vilnius (2011).

With support of Lithuanian Council for Culture and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

Editorial project space
Latako g. 3, Vilnius

Photography: Editorial

01-jurgis-paskevicius-editorial-vilnius-2017 02-jurgis-paskevicius-editorial-vilnius-2017 03-jurgis-paskevicius-editorial-vilnius-2017 04-jurgis-paskevicius-editorial-vilnius-2017 05-jurgis-paskevicius-editorial-vilnius-2017 06-jurgis-paskevicius-editorial-vilnius-2017-1 07-jurgis-paskevicius-editorial-vilnius-2017 08-jurgis-paskevicius-editorial-vilnius-2017

Echo Gone Wrong
November 8, 2017
Published in Photo / Video from Lithuania
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