‘Objects of Attention’ curated by Francisco Martínez at The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

2019 01 11 - 2019 03 17 / 6:30
The museum opens the 2019 exhibition programme with the exhibition “Objects of Attention”, curated by Estonian based anthropologist Francisco Martínez. In this exhibition, ordinary things are revised into objects of attention. Ten artists have been invited to reflect on the

Exhibition ‘Chassis by Madis Kurss at Hobusepea gallery

2018 12 20 - 2019 01 14
„The high wore away, the chromed skeleton corroding hourly, flesh growing solid, the drug-flesh replaced with the meat of his life. He couldn’t think. He liked that very much, to be conscious and unable to think. He seemed to become

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Surveillance Capitalism’ by Varvara & Mar at Sodų 4

The era of surveillance capitalism, which was coined by Shoshana Zuboff in 2015, dominates and controls our behaviour. The term refers to the fact that the users are surveilled for monetary reasons. In other words, we have reached the age

About Unreported Gaps. A talk with Amira Hanafi

I became aware of the work by the artist and writer Amira Hanafi (USA/EG, b. 1979) just after her exhibition ‘The Science of a Good Lie’ opened at the Sodų 4 project space in Vilnius (it ran from 25 October

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Extrakorporal’ by Pakui Hardware at Bielefelder Kunstverein

Pakui Hardware is interested in the close relationship between materiality, technology and economies. Central to their work is the question as to how far technology actually does alter economics and our physical perception of reality. They investigate questions of automation,

Photo reportage from Ditte Gantriis’ solo exhibition ‘Open Marriage’ at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Following the lines of Ditte Gantriis’ artistic praxis, the upcoming exhibition “Open Marriage” revolves around the theme ‘Desire’ as a cultural narration – explicit, borderline painful yet a potent sensory experience. Exhibition “Open Marriage” simultaneously reflectings person constituent components such

Armands Zelčs’ solo show ‘When You Read This, Nothing Special Will Have Happened’ at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Games We don’t know where exactly we are. Indications disappear in the noise of automobiles, the forms of buildings are like holes in cheese that remind us of one another, despite them being different. There are various public institution interiors

Goda Palekaitė’s first solo show in Israel at the RawArt Gallery

Goda Palekaitė’s first solo show in Israel is organized by RawArt Gallery in Tel Aviv in collaboration with Art Cube Artists’ Studios in Jerusalem. The exhibition, in both of its locations, originates from the artist’s long-term research into the history

‘Družba’ by Kaido Ole and Jonas Gasiūnas at Meno parkas gallery

2018 12 19 - 2019 01 25 / 6 pm
On 19th of December (Wednesday) at 6pm at the gallery “Meno parkas” (Rotušės a. 27, Kaunas) will be the opening of Kaido Ole and Jonas Gasiūnas exhibition “Družba“. Opening will be attended by Her Exellency Jana Vanaveski, Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to

Businesswoman Severija interviewed by Viktorija Damerell

The interview was a part of the collaboration between artist Viktorija Damerell and an anonymous business woman for the exhibition ‘A Colleague From Another Tribe’. the exhibition focuses on expanding the available practices of collaboration between artists and business people