How Portable is the Curators’ View?

 The exhibition ‘Portable Landscapes’ (Latvian National Museum of Art, 27 April to 17 June, 2018) focused on a rather unexpected, or at least eclectic, selection of Latvian exile and émigré personalities, and placed their stories in the broader context of the current

The 3rd Vilnius Gallery Weekend invites you to turn up the contemporary art’s volume

2018 09 06 - 2018 09 09
launches a new contemporary art exhibition season in the capital city this fall. The events – new exhibitions openings, meetings with artists, concerts and discussions – will be happening around town as well as on its outskirts from the 6th

‘Links to the World: John Baldessari’ at Tartu Art Museum

Tartu Art Museum opens the forth display in the exhibition series Links to the World. The series introduces internationally renowned artists’ video works, placing them into a dialogue with exhibitions of Estonian artists. This time we present to you a work titled “I

‘Zero G Tonic’ by Kristel Saan and Sten Saarits at Hobusepea gallery

2018 08 08 - 2018 09 02
Present exhibition with a cryptic title began during the artists’ joint residence in Endla marsh. With the help of the video and sound materials that the artists filmed and recorded there, Saan and Saarits have created a spatial installation in

TIME WIND. RETROSPECTIVE by Eimutis Markūnas at Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu CSW in Torun

Exhibition TIME WIND. RETROSPECTIVE by Lithuanian artist Eimutis Markūnas (b. 1959) showcases works of the past 14 years – his most exciting installations, graphite painting, drawings, video. Artist, started his creation in stained glass sphere, where he managed to rule

SMALL TOWN AS AN EVENT by Rait Rosin at Valga Museum

2018 08 07 - 2018 08 21
Small towns are inhabited by significant people. We all are worth attention, even if it may seem too much. The exhibition takes a look at the situation of Valga and Võru, both small towns. From one hand the inhabitants of

Maija Kurševa’s solo show ‘Investigation’ at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

In Maija Kurševa’s latest exhibition the emphasis is put on the spatial experience that draws and guides the viewer into an associative tale that relies both on observation and suspicion that a set of artworks possess an idea. Whilst capturing

Photo reportage from ‘Disposable Gloves Guide’ by Merike Estna at kim?

Merike Estna is one of the most notable representatives from the generation of young Estonian artists, whose work can be largely described as performative. Her art tends to leave the boundaries set by canvas, physically fusing with the space surrounding

RIXC Art Science Festival and Open Fields 2018 Conference

2018 09 13 - 2018 09 15
“Knowledge is power. And power is possessed especially by whoever controls the flow of information.” (from Global Control and Censorship exhibition concept) Marking the centennial anniversary of independent Latvia and Baltic countries, this year’s festival takes up the call by

Project Space Festival: Kabinetas, ‘Ivanka Chai’ in Berlin

Ivanka Chai / Иванка Чай / ايفانكا تشاي Artists: Marija Nemčenko, Rowan Markson “Turkish Market” at the Maybachufer August 14, 2018, 0ne-day event by nomadic project space Kabinetas Project Space Festival Berlin 2018 During the Ivanka Chai project initiated