‘Plėviakojis vs Lauhan part two’ by Rokas Dovydėnas at VAA project space ‘Krematoriumas’

2017 10 02 / 5 pm
“Researching the influence of Chinese ceramics on the European art and the tradition of copying Chinese ceramics, I am restoring and recreating stories of failing in ceramics. One of these stories – the birth of porcelain in Sung dynasty China.

VMU Art Gallery 101 Starts New Season With an Event Cycle ‘Tropical Bodies / Bodies of Tropes’

2017 09 29 - 2017 10 13 / 6 pm
VMU art gallery 101 (Muitinės st. 7, Kaunas) states “New Season Now!” with the event-cycle “Tropical Bodies / Bodies of Tropes”. The first part of the cycle will start with „Tropical Bodies / Bodies of Tropes vol. 1” on 29

‘Viktor Timofeev: Sweet Guardian’ at Podium, Oslo

Traffic tacks. Cross-from-to. Snake-squalls. It continues. Mutation-Recounts. Trivia. Night Screen :: white lines. This is what it tells itself: They gather around an autonomous two-dimensional snake game, unfolding inside of an abstracted Petri dish. The snake’s meandering movement and eventual

Exhibition ‘Les Exercices’ by Henrikas Čerapas at Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow

“Les Exercices” – the exhibition in Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow, is the first look at Henrikas Čerapas’ works from a different angle of perception. The series of thirteen canvases is the latest work of the painter (created in the winter of

‘Hello, Paris! The Path of Litvak Artists’ at the Permanent Representation of Lithuania to the European Union, Brussels

On Tuesday, 26 September, at 7 pm at the Permanent Representation of Lithuania to the European Union (Rue Belliard 41–43, 1040 Brussels, Belgium) the exhibition “Hello, Paris! The Path of Litvak Artists” will open. The exhibition is organised by the

Inter-PAGAN network to research, discuss and perform indigeneity within contemporary art, music and new media in Northern Europe

On September 22nd 2018 during Autumn Equinox (when the night is equal to the day and astronomical autumn starts), Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts launches, together with 8 partners, the Inter-PAGAN network which transcribes as “Inter &

International group show ‘Museum Choreography’ brings dance artists’ works into the Tartu Art Museum

2017 09 29 - 2018 01 07
From 29 September the international group show ‘Museum Choreography’ is open at the Tartu Art Museum which places the audience members at the centre of the exhibition. Among the participants are internationally renowned dance artists as well as acclaimed authors

‘Paint It Black II’ by Art Allmägi at Tartu Art Museum

2017 09 29 - 2018 09 14
On September 29, Tartu Art Museum will open Art Allmägi’s personal exhibition Paint It Black II. The narrative installation, which winds through the museum’s ground floor, was inspired by Russian politics and uses Allmägi’s signature flamboyant aesthetics. Paint It Black II is a

‘siNbiozė: lab + studio’ invites to lectures, discussion, laboratory and workshops

2017 09 29 - 2017 09 30
“siNbiozes to  + studio“ will invite participants from international DIYbio network to Vilnius and will present an open programme of lectures, discussion, laboratory and workshops, taking place across two locations – project space “Sodų 4” and Vilnius University Life Sciences

Photo reportage from SURVIVAL KIT 9 Becoming an Apricot * an Apple * a Crow * a Tree * a Cockroach * a Glacier * a Plant * a Mushroom * a Shell * a Bird * Algae

The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, organizer of the biggest annual contemporary art event in the Baltics SURVIVAL KIT, this year encourages to step out of the traditional worldview and observe the planet from the perspective of nature. Could viable