Lithuanian artist Kotryna Ula-Kiliulyte at the group show ‘TABULA RASA II’ at 103 Trongate, Glasgow

TABULA RASA II 03 December 2016 – 05 February 2017 103 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5HD Opening reception: 3 December 2- 5pm. Tabula Rasa II unites five Glasgow artists, each with a distinct entry point into the medium, tying feeling to

‘(In)visible dreams and streams. Nordic-Baltic Contemporary Art Exhibition’ at CAC, Vilnius

2016 12 02 - 2017 01 15 / 6 pm
The idea to create this exhibition was born in connection with the 25th anniversary of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, celebrated in 2016. The project aims to highlight the recent and current processes of

Three years, three venues: Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius meets Tallinn Art Hall

Random Rapid Heartbeats curated by Kęstutis Kuizinas (LT) is open in Tallinn Art Hall 22.10–04.12.2016. The way in which art is represented as a body of art itself – if not even higher – has risen almost to an equal

Shama Khanna – An experiment in cinema in reverse

2016 12 10 / 6 pm
Rupert together with a curator Shama Khanna invites all to a screening of two short films: “Öndivatbemutató” (“Self Fashion Show”) (1976) by Tibor Hajas and “Cilaos” (2016) by Camilo Restrapo on December 10, from 6 pm in film centre SKALVIJA.

Entangled Session: Rory Rowan at Editorial

2016 12 03 / 4 pm - 6 pm
Entangled Session: Rory Rowan on “Contesting Geo-Social Futures in the Anthropocene: Beyond Eco-Modernism and Apocalyptic Primitivism”. In recent years the Anthropocene – the so-called ‘Geological age of man’ – has emerged as a key concept in contemporary thought, moving from

Exhibition ‘Wolpertinger! What they do in collaboration?’ at VAA gallery ‘Akademija’

2016 11 28 - 2016 12 03 / 6 pm
To describe the body of our collaboration, we could make an analogy to a mythological hybrid animal called “Wolpertinger”, whose appearance evokes the idea that, however different the parts constituting a whole are, they can still merge into a single

Vilnius Graphic Art Centre presents the Tallinn Print Triennial’s exhibition ‘The Winners’

2016 11 29 - 2017 01 28 / 6 pm
The Vilnius Graphic Art Centre  is holding a series of exhibitions which introduce landmark international events in graphic art taking place in Europe. In the autumn of 2014 the series started with the Splitgraphic  biennial from Croatia. This year the

Group show by Andrius Erminas, Nerijus Erminas, Rimantas Milkintas and Rafal Piesliak at ROCKELMANN &, Berlin

Group Show: Andrius Erminas, Nerijus Erminas, Rimantas Milkintas, Rafal Piesliak OPENING: November 24th, 2016, 7–9pm DURATION: November 25th, 2016 – January 28th, 2017 ROCKELMANN & is proud to present the group show EXCHANGE in collaboration with (AV17) GALLERY. The exhibition

Hybrid creative stage ‘?Perverting’ by Dominykas Canderis at ‘Kabinetas’

2016 11 25 - 2016 12 09 / 6 pm
On Friday, 25th of November at 6 p.m. Dominykas Canderis will introduce “?Perverting” – a hybrid creative stage in ever-changing conditions, at “Kabinetas“. Dominykas Canderis seeks to present human feelings as a testimony of the distance between reality and virtuality.

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Algis Skačkauskas (1955-2009). Paintings’ at National Gallery of Art, Vilnius

Algis Skačkauskas (1955-2009) entered the Lithuanian art scene in the last decade of the Soviet era, amid large-scale historical transformations. The Communist system was collapsing, the social liberation movement gained momentum, and the democratic society began to emerge in Central