‘Tooth for Tooth – In memory of the murdered women in Turkey’ by Nezaket Ekici at Pamėnkalnio gallery

2016 09 30 / 7:30 pm
In the video performance (8 channel installation) “Tooth for Tooth – In memory of the murdered women in Turkey” the artist Nezaket Ekici works on the daily assaults and acts of violence against women in Turkey, which usually lead to

Third international biennial of contemporary metal art ‘METALLOphone: Bonds’ at (AV17) gallery

2016 10 05 - 2016 10 26 / 6 pm
We are pleased to announce that on 5th of October, at 6 p.m. the opening reception of the third international biennial of contemporary metal art “METALLOphone: Bonds” will be held at (AV17) gallery, Aušros Vartų st.17, Vilnius. When creating, artists

Photo reportage from ‘Sculpture Quadrennial Riga’

Contemporary sculpture and installation festival Sculpture Quadrennial Riga “Conservatism and Liberalism” runs from September 10th to October 28th. Festival is about to discover fragile border between conservatism and liberalism through events taking place in Riga city and Wagner hall. Photography

‘The Dice Painting’ by Jolanta Kyzikaitė at Meno Niša Gallery

2016 10 01 - 2016 10 25 / 12 pm
The artist likes painting in series which are developed on various topics. Several years ago, Jolanta took a fancy to the game topic and its development in the art of painting. Author’s works for this exhibition were inspired by famous

Presentation and talk by Catherine Chevalier and Tobias Kaspar at kim? Contemporary Art Centre

2016 09 28 / 7 pm
kim? Contemporary Art Centre cordially invites you to a presentation and talk New Formats by Catherine Chevalier and Tobias Kaspar. The event will take place at kim? Contemporary Art Centre on Wednesday, September 28, 7pm on the occasion of the last issue of May magazine, Fashion in Crisis. Crisis can be

Silence. Darkness. If we know what was, do we know what is coming?

The future is a riddle, and by starting to solve it we begin to shape it; trying to solve this riddle is understanding that the future is already happening and sooner or later we will find out about it, even

‘Target Session’ at Editorial, Vilnius

2016 09 30 / 5 pm - 7 pm
The second edition of …Sessions meetings draws attention to the possibilities that active engagement by artists’ organisations in shaping local cultural politics can bring. As the gap between policy-making state institutions and actors, artists and artists’ unions in the direct

3rd Conference of Baltic Art Historians

2016 10 06 - 2016 10 08 / 9 am
REPRESENTING ART HISTORY IN THE BALTIC COUNTRIES: EXPERIENCES AND PROSPECTS Riga, 6–8 October 2016 The Art History Department of the Art Academy of Latvia in collaboration with the Institute of Art History of the same institution and the Latvian National

Contemporary Art Festival ‘Kaunas in Art’

2016 09 24 - 2016 10 23
On 24th of September, 5 p.m. in Kaunas Photography Gallery will be held the opening of International Contemporary Art Festival “Kaunas mene” (Kaunas in Art). The exhibition at Kaunas Gallery contains pieces by artist from Georgia Giorgi Maghradze, also by

Exercises in Perfection

Gymnastics has always seemed a serious enterprise to me. On my way to yoga classes some time ago, I used to regularly pass by a space one floor below where gymnasts trained. Unlike racket sports, which I had always felt