True copy of the original

  A review of the Signālpāri (Signaling Pairs) exhibition at the Office Gallery of the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (12 May to 5 August 2016), featuring Latvian poet, artist and Orbīta textgroup participant Artūrs Punte, and Russian new media

Painting exhibition ‘Landscape with galioshes’ by Gustas Jagminas at Meno niša gallery

2016 08 31 - 2016 09 27 / 6 pm
 On 31 August 2016 Meno niša gallery opens ‘A landscape with galoshes’ exhibition by painter Gustas Jagminas (born 1979). It is the third solo exhibition of the artist consisting exclusively of landscapes – quiet, burning and drowning, full and empty,

Exhibition ‘Hybrid(…)scapes’ and 6th Inter-format Symposium on Hybrid Natures at Nida Art Colony

Passing through the dunes, we approached the sea. The dawning sun was spreading a cool glow over the water, which looked like a heavy, fluid magma. Walking back through the sparse woods, we encountered a few tourists who were either

The Book Lovers project at Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia

2016 09 06 / 6-8 pm
Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia invites: On Tuesday, September 6 at 6 PM founding members of The Book Lovers project will give a talk on fiction written by artists and host a public reading at CCA, Estonia (Vabaduse väljak 6/8,

Exhibition ‘Familiar and Unfamiliar Physics. Illustrations by Ülo Sooster’ at Tartu Art Museum

2016 08 19 - 2016 10 02
On Friday, 19 August 2016 Tartu Art Museum will open the exhibition of the works by Ülo Sooster “Familiar and Unfamiliar Physics. Illustrations by Ülo Sooster”. These drawings were made in Moscow in 1963, for the popular science book “Physics:

Exhibition ‘Viljandi Priit’ at Tartu Art House

2016 08 25 - 2016 09 18
Priit Pangsepp’s self-contemplative painting exhibition “Viljandi Priit” gives an insight into Pangsepp’s creation of the last couple of years. Pangsepp’s paintings with allegorical plots are characterised by an ironic glimpse into the existential problems of being a human, but instead

Peeter Allik’s exhibition ‘The Cry of an Autumn Bird Resounds Here’ at Tartu Art House

2016 08 25 - 2016 09 18
Peeter Allik, known both as graphic artist as well as painter, is one of the legends of Estonian political satire. The exhibition “The Cry of an Autumn Bird Resounds Here” (“Siin kaigub sügislinnu hüüd”) at Tartu Art House focuses on

‘Losing Distance’ at project space ‘Kabinetas’, Kaunas

2016 09 02 - 2016 09 09 / 6 pm
Sometimes, it can be like dangling somewhere in between. Or diving through countless structures of social relations with no clear suggestion where to get out. Curious need of belonging grows where conscious reality and fictional reality lose distance, meeting in

Edgars Gluhovs’, Daiga Grantiņa’s and Inga Meldere’s solo exhibitions at kim? Contemporary Art Centre

kim? Contemporary Art Centre is opening its new venue in the Riga’s Skanste area and invites you to the opening festivities of three artists’ – Edgars Gluhovs’, Daiga Grantiņa’s and Inga Meldere’s – solo-exhibitions on September 2nd on Sporta iela 2, starting at

Exhibition ‘The Morality Reflex’ at CAC, Vilnius

2016 09 02 - 2016 10 19 / 6 pm
Artists: Brandon Andrew, Judy Chicago, León Ferrari, fierce pussy, Andrea Fraser, Dan Graham, Rana Hamadeh, Linas Jablonskis, Joachim Koester, Carlos Motta, Shelly Nadashi, Karol Radziszewski, Marianna Simnett, Bart Van Dijck, An van. Dienderen, Heidi Voet Curator: Heidi Ballet Assistant curators: Leo Cohen,