Exhibition ‘Unknown Latvian Photography’ by Ivars Grāvlejs at Latvian Museum of Photography

2016 08 04 - 2016 09 04
Photographer Ivars Grāvlejs exhibition “Unknown Latvian Photography” will be seen at Latvian Museum of Photography, Marstalu street 8 (entrance from Alksnaju st.) starting with August 4. This exhibition is a subjective, ironic interpretation of history of Latvian photography from the

‘Reflection’ by Kimo Arbas at Manifesta 11

Kimo Arbas will present his latest work ‘Reflection’ – a video, sound, sacred ritual performance and avant-garde vocal piece including a scientist at Manifesta 11, the European contemporary art biennial. 08/20/2016 9:30 pm – 02:00 pm Manifesta 11, the European

Call for Migrating Art Academies Laboratory ‘Trans-Sensor Networks’

Migrating Art Academies Laboratory Nida, Lithuania. September 16-26, 2016 Application deadline 15 August, 2016 Accommodation costs will be covered for students only, no other costs covered. This event will suggest the insight into the functioning of the biological ecosystem and

Exhibition FEAST 7 by Georgi Pachkoria at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre’s Outdoor exhibition space

2016 07 29 / 4 pm
On July 29, 2016, at 4 pm, ceramics exhibition FEAST 7 by Georgian artist Georgi Pachkoria will be opened in frames of 1st Latvia International Ceramics Biennale at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre’s Outdoor exhibition space. Georgi Packoria was born

‘Kitchenlab’ at Project space ‘Sodų 4’

2016 08 03 - 2016 08 05
For one week in the beginning of August “Sodų 4” space will turn into a laboratory space and a mini-residency space for a group of artists from Berlin, working together on the project titled “Kitchenlab”. Curated by artist and curator

‘Collage’: exhibition – performance – dance by Arma Agharta

2016 08 09 / 9 pm
In August the sound artist-nomad Arma will invite everyone to a one night show-collage at the project space “Sodų 4”. By using the technique of collage the artist will arrange the situations in time and will manipulate sonic, visual, action

Exhibition ‘City Agents’ at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia

2016 08 05 - 2016 09 11 / 6 pm
The exhibition project ‘City Agents’ looks into the exhibition space and the contemporary city space as sites of the accumulation of capital. It maps out current active agencies that gentrify the city and zooms in on artistic practices that expose and shape

Exhibition ‘Climbing Invisible Structures. Ritualized Disciplinary Practices in Social Life. Part 3: Žeimiai’

2016 07 30 - 2016 08 28 / 5 pm
“Climbing Invisible Structures: Ritualised Disciplinary Practices in Social Life. Part 3: Žeimiai” is the is the third part of an exhibition project comprising four venues, and the last one in Lithuania. It presents works of eight artists. The event will

Das Vegas: Auction-performance ‘Art Value: Auction’

2016 07 28 / 6 pm
On the evening of 28th of July, artist Das Vegas, invites to his auction-performance, happening in project space “Sodų 4” in Vilnius, Lithuania. The project “Art Value: Auction” is examining the notion of political economy in the art processes, i.e.

Solo exhibition by Inga Ģibiete at 427 gallery

2016 07 29 - 2016 08 26 / 6 pm
Viewer: Shadow of a column. Cool. Metal head with an antenna. Covers from the light. Poles. Head in the bushes. Trees washed by the stream at the coast. A bus with dirty water. Dead dinosaur by the water. Theatrical wood