Exhibition “Looking for me” by Anta Pence at RIXC Galery

2016 06 30 - 2016 07 15
All exhibited works were created in the last two years. Thematically it combines them both attempts to contemplate the seemingly universal distinction between “reality” and the subjective imaginary worlds and reflections about this world offers.Realising this exhibition project, the artist

International sculpture exhibition “Terra Incognita: Familiar Infinity” at Inner courtyard of KUMU

2016 06 12 - 2016 09 12
By the end of the noughties, satellite images of the Earth had become widely available. It created the illusion of a diligently mapped and archived world where exploration has been stripped from its meaning. Where could we draw the modern

“Dead End” by Mihkel Ilus and Marten Esko at Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn

2016 07 01 - 2016 08 07
Dead End is a work in progress in six acts and eighteen chapters with a film epilogue. This is an exhibition that is not opened or closed, because its beginning and afterlife occur elsewhere. The viewers are welcome to come to the gallery

“Optimists and Sceptics. Photographs from 1954 to 1959” by Adauktas Marcinkevičius at National Gallery of Art, Vilnius

2016 07 01 - 2016 09 18 / 6 pm
The career of Adauktas Marcinkevičius (1936-1960) coincided with the process of the ‘thaw’ in the Soviet Union, which gave people a hope of breathing more freely and dreaming of wider horizons. Literature, art and theatre began to develop, while photography,

Returning residents prepare for the “Hybrid(…)scapes” exhibition at VAA Nida Art Colony

Artists who were residents at the remote Nida Art Colony once or several times have come back from Austria, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Brazil, and have been working in Nida over the recent month. Seven artists and artist

Unthinkable Reading Room 1. Ideologies of Eastness in Central and Eastern Europe

2016 06 30 / 7 pm
Rupert and Unthinkable kindly invites you to the first collective Reading Room of upcoming Reading Room series, opening space for discussions around cultural, social and geopolitical issues and turns in Central and Eastern Europe. We are starting 7pm at VDA

“Life in Sculpture. Jacques Lipchitz – 125” at The Tolerance Centre, Vilnius

2016 07 01 - 2016 09 25
The Tolerance Centre of the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum (Naugarduko St. 10/2, Vilnius) proudly presents an exhibition of artworks by a Litvak sculptor Jacques Lipchitz (1891 – 1973) titled ‘Life in Sculpture. Jacques Lipchitz – 125’ that will stay

H Y P E R C O N N E C T E D the Strategic project of the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

From 30 June to 14 August 2016, H Y P E R C O N N E C T E D, the Strategic project of the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, will be shown in MMOMA. The curator

Design exhibition “Idealists” at the Tallinn Art Hall

2016 07 01 - 2016 08 14 / 6 pm
Curator Karin Paulus has invited artists to participate in the exhibition who are united by a wish to use their art to accept responsibility for the consumption craze, social and industrial catastrophes and loss of ethical spirit and to improve

Solo exhibition “Fake. Landscape” by Elena Grudzinskaitė at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre

2016 06 30 - 2016 07 23 / 6 pm
At the end of June Vilnius Graphic Art Centre will be showing Fake.Landscape, a solo exhibition of work by young Lithuanian artist Elena Grudzinskaitė. In her artistic practice, Elena Grudzinskaitė analyses the relationship of the individual and the territory, the