ENCOUNTER by Frauke Materlink

2015 11 30 - 2015 12 05
ENCOUNTER challenges the routine perception that there is a boundary between an artist studio, an exhibition space, and education. This project is an enquiry into ways of interaction and participation. ENCOUNTER joins modes of practices, connecting workshops with the exhibition

Continue to Gather Together: In Conversation with Jaana Kokko

Increasingly frequent use of the word ‘capitalism’ denotes a time of crisis. After the 90s it became a household word. Eventually there was no point in stressing it. Social and political discourses are divided through different ideologies and beliefs, they

Memory and Deceit: The Green Bridge Case

‘There are eloquent silences, and guilty silences, and silences of genuine bewilderment, and silences of creativity. The trick is to know what kind of silence you are hearing…’ Le Carré, John (2009), A Most Wanted Man. Hodder. This article focuses

“You Are Inside the Wormhole”, a conversation with philosopher Timothy Morton

2015 11 28 / 6 pm
On Saturday 28th November, at 6pm: “You Are Inside the Wormhole”, a conversation with philosopher Timothy Morton will be held in occasion of solo exhibition opening by Emilija Škarnulytė “QSO lens”. Timothy Morton is Rita Shea Guffey Chair in English at Rice

Emilija Škarnulytė. QSO lens

2015 11 27 - 2016 01 06 / 6 pm
A disturbing, creepy feeling: something gigantic is distorting space itself. Making us see differently. Pulling and pushing objects, gigantic objects: a radio telescope, a mountain range. A hyperobject: something so large, so distributed across spacetime, that we can’t point to

Critical Thinking Expelled from an Art School. The case of the Art Academy of Latvia

What would one expect after graduating from an art school? Leaving aside more complex questions about what an art school nowadays should and could be, let’s assume that an essential part of art education is the process itself and that

Words aren’t the thing

2015 11 13 - 2016 01 06
The prime trigger for this exhibition is the direct experience of what is not spoken or described. Non-language based ideas and ways of alternative exchange have been explored and experimented with by a number of artists and thinkers at different

3rd International Contemporary Art Triennial for School Students Eksperimenta! “Art and Economy” calls for partners

We invite you to apply if you are an organisation (school, university, art society, professional association, gallery etc.) that wishes to arrange for the participation of school students of your country in the 2017 Eksperimenta! triennial and would like to

Anna Mari Liivrand’s solo exhibition “One becomes many/many become one”

2015 11 05 - 2015 11 12 / 5 pm
On Thursday, 5th November at 5pm, EAA Gallery (Vabaduse väljak 6/8) present Anna Mari Liivrand’s solo exhibition “One becomes many/many become one”. “The exhibition “One becomes many/many become one” talks about the process of becoming whole – a process where the

Jan Verwoert’s public lecture “Whipped Cream for the Walking Dead”

2015 11 12 / 6 pm
On Thursday, November 12th at 6PM, internationally renowned art theorist and professor of Oslo Art Academy Jan Verwoert will hold a public lecture Whipped Cream for the Walking Dead at the hall of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, 6 Kohtu