THE ECHO OF A SHADOW. A solo exhibition by Kristina Inčiūraitė

2015 11 04 - 2015 11 08 / 6 pm
What lurks in the shadows? Chinese crickets that embody different shapes in the newest art project by Kristina Inčiūraitė. They migrate in the moving images and objects. By chirping loudly, they cure wounded souls, although they balance between life and death:

DIY: Bacterial Love Letters: Plant Papermaking and Bacterial Printing workshop with Wojtek Mejor and Andrew Gryf Paterson

2015 10 31 / 1-6 pm
Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association presents the final workshop from “do-it-yourself” series and this time we have invited artists Wojtek Mejor (PL) and Andrew Gryf Paterson (SCO/FI), who as a result of spending time together and taking part in Pixelache 2015


2015 10 27 - 2015 11 27 / 6 pm
<…>Son, can you play me a memory I’m not really sure how it goes But it’s sad and it’s sweet and I knew it complete When I wore a younger man’s clothes.1 In one way or another, the artworks in

Nida Doctoral School 2015: Smoke and Mirrors – Staged Arguments Arguments and the Legitimation of Artistic Research

2015 10 19 - 2015 10 25
Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) and Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Aalto University) are starting a partnership by establishing Nida Doctoral School. It is a non-degree doctoral program at Nida Art Colony, Neringa, Lithuania. The first session

XII BALTIC TRIENNIAL: The 13-inch Screen

2015 10 17 / 4 pm
A Workshop on Contemporary PropagandaThe largest and most disastrous conflict of this young century began with a set of lies presented to the UN. Several years on, no one has been prosecuted for the illegal invasion of Iraq…and a new


2015 10 16 / 7 pm
Co-curated by Chris Kraus and Hedi El Kholti for the CAC Reading Room Investigations is a new addition to the CAC Reading Room’s curated shelves. It is a collection of 36 books that span genres, time periods and cultures but share the

Photo reportage from “Prosu(u)mer” exhibition within Tallinn Photomonth ’15

The third Tallinn Photomonth launched on 17 September with the opening of Prosu(u)mer, an international exhibition curated by David Raymond Conroy at The Museum of Contemporary Art Estonia (EKKM). Prosu(u)mer (18.09.15–18.10.15) is a show that traces the mutually parasitic relationships

The opening of Hardijs Lediņš’ retrospective ‘Lediņš. Between This And The Other’ in November

A retrospective of Hardijs Lediņš’ creative practice and his influences ‘Lediņš. Between This And The Other’ will open to public on 13 November at the exhibition hall of the National Library of Latvia. It resonates with the spirit of Approximate

“Double Bind” opening night and performances

2015 10 14 - 2015 11 11
“Double bind” is an exhibition of new commissions that aims to restore a sense of political agency to private psychological practices associated with personal failure. Starting from depression and looking more widely into emotion economies, we invited artists to fail

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