Sales-exhibition of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian photobooks

2015 10 02 / 11 am - 6 pm
It has become a tradition for the Estonian Photographic Art Fair to hold a sales-exhibition of quality photobooks. This year the focus is on books of photographic art from the three Baltic states. We selected 10–14 books from each country.

Francisco Janes’ exhibition „We Have Everything And We Have Nothing“

2015 09 25 - 2015 10 18
Francisco Janes’ show consists of a video and sound installation occupying the gallery spaces at POST. It is an exploration of thematics of belonging, and identity building, within the framework of examples of past and living utopic practices in Lithuania.

Art Future/Future Signs – student group exhibition

2015 10 16 - 2015 11 01 / 6 pm
Art Future/Future Signs is an exhibition platform representing 17 Nordic/Baltic KUNO fine art academies. The aim of the platform is to propose, show, exchange and interact with the vision of the future. The participating artists are posing the question of

Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art launches the new publication that aims to capture the traces of Soviet era in our recent past

On September 18 at 6 pm Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art  presents the newly released publication Revisiting Footnotes. Footprints of the Recent Past in the Post-Socialist Region. It will take place within the framework of the Contemporary Art Festival Survival K(n)it

“WHO IS NATHAN?” by Phanos Kyriacou

2015 09 19
On Saturday 19th of September, 5 pm Rupert hosts a solo presentation by Phanos Kyriacou, bringing together works produced in Rupert during residency, and older works that the artist brought with him from Cyprus. Four clay and three terracotta pieces, picked up by the artist after being thrown

IMAGINING THE FUTURE – exhibition by Jaana Kokko

2015 09 18 - 2015 10 11
Today we are living in the neo-liberal ideology that is driven by the logic of capitalism. In comparison to socialism it is hardly reconsisted as an ideology, but its ideal and practices are hidden in our every-day lives. The images

The Effect of Contemporaneity – V

< Back to Part IV   / postcolonial colony   Even if an artist is from megapolis, she still needs to enter the contemporary art world through certain global hubs of geopolitical importance. Not to mention someone from ‘anywhere’ (i.e., ‘global

Tallinn Photomonth ’15 launches this week

The third Tallinn Photomonth launches on 17 September with the opening of Prosu(u)mer, an exhibition curated by David Raymond Conroy at The Museum of Contemporary Art Estonia (EKKM). Prosu(u)mer is a show that traces the mutually parasitic relationships between producers and consumers to

Exhibition as a Tourist Attraction, or Where Did the “Grazed Images” Come From?

A review is a strange and controversial genre indeed. On the one hand, it calls us to affirm that a certain qualification is at work—i.e. a reviewer is assumed to know the necessary conditions of a phenomenon that happens to

Thinking Against Logic at Nida Art Colony

2015 09 14 - 2015 09 23
From 14 September 2015 a ten-day-long Migrating Art Academies laboratory titled “Serendipity: Thinking Against Logic” will gather a group of emerging artists in Nida, Lithuania. Coincidence, serendipity and related terms as well as phenomena will be discussed through and developed