The Effect of Contemporaneity – II

< Back to Part I   / developement   Before we go any further, let us ponder a bit on what could possibly be implied by this overused and hyperinflated term ‘development.’ Surely we can rely on an almost instinctive

Serendipity: Thinking Against Logic

Migrating Art Academies laboratory titled “Serendipity” will take place in Nida, Lithuania between 14-24 September 2015. Emerging artists are invited to apply online via by 11 August 2015. Invited participants will be granted travel costs and accommodation. According to

Open Studios 3: Marija Baranauskaitė and Christophe Beaucourt

2015 07 28 - 2015 08 09
For two weeks Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists Union’s project space’s Malonioji 6 physical and mental space will be occupied by performance art and cinema, reality and fiction. Will Marija Baranauskaitė, who searches for optimism, love and inner values in her performative

Students from Germany and Lithuania will meet in Panemunė Castle to discuss games and war

From July 27th 2015 a creative laboratory titled Corpus Ludus Militaris (CLM) will gather students from Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas University of Technology, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and Academy of Media Arts Cologne in Panemunė Castle, Lithuania. Corpus Ludus Militaris is

What Makes a Human – Piotr Armianovski

2015 07 31 / 5 pm
On 31st of July at 5 PM Y Gallery (Jakobi 1, Tartu) will be hosting a discussion and screening with Piotr Armianovski, artist from Donetsk, Ukraine. On the example of different events that happened last year in Ukraine, Piotr together

Have we finally understood that images are a tool for manipulation? Photo reportage from “Grazed Images” exhibition at CAC, Vilnius

In this digitally driven world, we are surrounded by images. An illusion prevails that we can get rid of them as soon as we switch off our computers and smartphones. However, images live long after we go offline: they transgress

Laure Prouvost: Burrow Me

2015 07 17 - 2015 09 06
With your bare hands or with a shovel, dig into the ground, climb through the narrow burrow. Covered in sand and gravel, among the dirt, you might find a granddad wandering through the subterranean passages. You feel your feet firm

The Effect of Contemporaneity – I

  / emergence   If there was only one important word that would give us a hint at how the international portfolios are being put together by emerging artists today, then the word would be ‘quickly.’ To be more precise, the

XII Baltic Triennial

2015 09 04 - 2015 10 18 / 6 pm
WHAT IS AN ARTWORK TODAY CAN BE SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY TOMORROW – this sentence, picked out from an interview with the artist David Bernstein, is at the very heart of the forthcoming Baltic Triennial. The idea is not new: how

The annual contemporary art festival Survival K(n)it 7 will take place in Riga in September

The international contemporary art festival Survival K(n)it 7 will take place in Riga from 4 to 20 September with over 40 artists and artist collectives participating. Set in the former building of the National Library of Latvia, it will consist