Person’s role, in all its complexities, is never sure or stable. Acting and manifesting itself in a certain way, it traces the relationships that individual has with his social and physical environment. Somewhere between the human’s outer and inner conditions

Tõnis Saadoja. Etudes for Piano and Canvas

2015 06 19 - 2015 08 30
Tõnis Saadoja’s personal exhibition Etudes for Piano and Canvas will be open from June 19th in Tartmus. The aim of the exhibition is to introduce the local audience, as well as visitors to Tartu, to one of the most important

Grazed Images

2015 06 18 - 2015 08 09
In this digitally driven world, we are surrounded by images. An illusion prevails that we can get rid of them as soon as we switch off our computers and smartphones. However, images live long after we go offline: they transgress

End of the Year Presentations

2015 06 20 / 1.30 pm
This Saturday 1.30 pm arts and education centre Rupert invites to Educational Program End of the Year Presentations. Participants Julijus Balčikonis (LT), Jamie Kane (UK), Ieva Kraule (LV), Kristina Skaldina (LT), Jonas Vaitiekūnas (LT) and Lina Zaveckytė (LT) will present works

What would a contemporary Bildungsroman be like?

One begins to think about the subtleties of education from a philosophical perspective not when one is in the role of the educated, but rather when one becomes (usually quite unexpectedly) a teacher. I’m not sure if there are many

Kilometre of Sculpture 2015 “The Visitors” to turn the town of Võru into a short-term gallery-stage

2015 07 04 - 2015 07 26 / 12 pm
“The Visitors is to be seen as an open-ended exhibition where daily routines are challenged, existing environments altered and human interactions encouraged. The town of Võru is to be considered a short-term gallery and a stage for both fragile material

KOMBINATAS: WHIT OF A TEXT. Installation by Eglė Grėbliauskaitė

I guess, Eglė Grėbliauskaitė could offer her own subjective interpretations of her artwork that she decided to install in front of the entrance to the Vilnius Academy of Art—big rusty metal letters spell ‘KOMBINATAS’ (‘FACTORY’ from Lithuanian). I hope you

Art Fair ArtVilnius’15: impressive supply of art from Ukraine

ArtVilnius’15 is the sixth art fair event this year. Lovers and collectors of contemporary art, as well as professionals of the art world, will gather this year in Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre Litexpo on June 25 – 28. 55

Köler Prize: Photo Finish

  On 29.05, the winner of Köler Prize 2015 — an art prize instituted by the Estonian Contemporary Art Museum in 2011 — was announced. The winner, without much surprise to anybody having at least some understanding of the local art world,

CREATurE Live Art 2015

2015 06 18 - 2015 06 21
From the 18th to 21st June 2015 in the town hall square, one of most beautiful public spaces in Kaunas, and in “Meno Parkas” art gallery, a performance and live art festival CREATurE Live Art will for the 4th time