PERFORMANCE ART AS A TOOL FOR DEMOCRACY workshop with Denisas Kolomyckis

After involving more than 100 people in Armenia and Georgia, the workshop “Performance Art as a Tool for Democracy” is coming to Loural as a result of partnership between RAIZVANGUARDA – Cultural Organization and Loural Village. This workshop takes place

Comparative Vandalisms – a lecture by Teresa Østergaard Pedersen in the frame of Anti-Asger

2015 06 03 / 5 pm
The anti-authoritarian approach to art and the culture of aesthetics was one of Danish artist Asger Jorn’s trademarks. Another distinct position was his focus on the cultural mechanisms and hierarchies of values which emerged in the paradigmatic center-periphery ideology in

Anti-Asger: joint exhibition by Danish, Swedish, Lithuanian artists

2015 05 07 - 2015 06 15
Anti-Asger is a continuous cultural project, initiated by The Jutland Art Academy, connecting artists from Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania. In this project, the participants explore the theme of art and identity based on research on the well-known and important artist

DIY: “Fake It Till You Make It” workshop with Justin Tyler Tate

Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association presents one more workshop from “do-it-yourself” series and this time we have invited artist Justin Tyler Tate, working internationally, who has been running a series of “Fake It Till You Make It” (FITYMI) workshops since 2011.

kim? presents Latvian artists at Careof, Milan in an exhibition Le fragole del Baltico (“Baltic strawberries”)

  From June 9 through to July 19 Latvian artist exhibition organised by kim? Contemporary Art Centre will be open at Careof, Milan. The opening event on June 9 at 6.30pm will be accompanied by a performance by Kaspars Groševs.

Call for contributions for the 5th Inter-format symposium on time (and inter-formativity)

This year marks the fifth iteration for the international symposium and aims to reflect its own course, with the focus on artistic and academic notions of time and inter-formativity itself. Theparticipatory nature of the symposium – between a conference and an art

Open call for Nida Doctoral School residency and courses: “Smoke and Mirrors—Staged Arguments and the Legitimation of Artistic Research”

If science is a fairytale that is hard to disbelieve (Bruno Latour), then scientific research is nothing but scripting fiction. What’s more, the latter is the domain of art. Be it truthful deceit, legitimate hocus-pocus, or real fiction, such a

The State of Critique in the Times of Acceleration

I. The problem that critique faces today is that of its relevance in the world where even the most subversive strategies and actions—including ‘having fun’ and ‘making friends’—are capitalisable. It is a problem of inability to speak ‘from within the

To Bolderaja I Go – exhibition dedicated to walks to Bolderaja

2015 05 25 - 2015 06 18 / 6.30 pm
The exhibition ‘To Bolderaja I Go’ opens on 25th May at 6.30pm at the LCCA’s Office gallery (Alberta Street 13). It is organised in commemoration of 2015 as the Year of Hardijs Lediņš. It will feature a video installation and photographic

Edurne Aginaga and Pietro Catarinella “(De)Construct”

2015 05 19 - 2015 06 09 / 6 pm
On 19th of May (AV17) gallery (Ausros Vartu str. 17) will open an exhibition “(De)Construct” by artists Edurne Aginaga and Pietro Catarinella. At this show the artists living and working in the United Kingdom will represent two distinct positions on