The Many Histories of Photography

Book review Recently published volume of “The History of European Photography 1939-1969” is the most recent accomplishment in the ongoing project of writing the history of photography in European countries. It is already the second volume on European photography history

Confronting and constructing the past, present and future

What do we know about the post-/socialist past? And is it really all we can know?1 Which previously unknown ways and prospects of responding to this time remain open, and which (alternative) insights are thus made possible? Exhibitions, symposia and

Call for Applications for the Second LCCA Summer School “This is Tomorrow!”

Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) invites young and emerging artists, art critics, curators and cultural project managers from the Baltic States to apply for the second LCCA Summer School titled This is Tomorrow! that will take place in the

BCC: curators go to the bar 90+

2015 03 27 / 5 pm
The event series BCC: Curators Go to The Bar 90+ attempts to confront the themes of post-internet aesthetics and post-digital condition. The project refers to a platform “89+” co-founded by Hans Ulrich-Obrist and Simon Castets, for which so called “post-internet”

Open Call for Residencies in Rupert | July – December 2015

Rupert’s Residency Program is suited for local and international thinkers: artists, writers, curators, cultural managers, and academics, providing them with the opportunity to live and work in Vilnius while developing individual projects and immersing themselves in the region’s creative sphere.

Archiving, memory and coincidence in My Parents’ Room by Aurelija Maknytė

Artifex Textile Gallery of the Vilnius Academy of Art present My Parents’ Room, a project by Aurelija Maknytė. The rooms of the gallery lend space to an intertwining exposition of objects and texts associated with the lives of the artist’s parents

POPPER Nr.10 / Above the Ground at gallery “Alma”

2015 03 27 - 2015 04 10
The theme of the tenth edition is out-of-body experiences, intoxication from nature, chemistry, love or heights, psychedelic trips, hallucinations, personal experience and visual side effects. Participants in the exhibition “Above the Ground”: Bas de Boer, Elfie Pop Broeks (Netherlands), Camilla

One Spectator’s Visit by Krista and Reinis Dzudzilo

2015 03 27 - 2015 03 03
Further developing the tradition where scenography is a field closely related and equal to directing, Reinis and Krista Dzudzilo use the means of theatre in their works both clearly and imaginatively: the message is formed using methods of spatial organisation,

Forensic Flâneur by MigAA: International emerging artists will get together to discuss the issues of legality and the collection of evidence

2015 03 27 - 2015 04 03
Within the context of social anguish created by late political and economical conditions Migrating Art Academies (MigAA) laboratory „Forensic Flâneur” is focusing on collection of evidence. Emerging artists in collaboration with curators, scientists and established artists will explore the theme

Unique state of consciousness: Winter Sleep

They characterized the exhibition in the following way: “The works of the exhibition ‘Winter Sleep’ is about a reality that has been pushed aside, which takes shape in our state of sleep. The world of sleep is shaped from details