Sophie Jung’s exhibition “New Waiting”

2015 03 03 - 2015 05 03 / 6 pm
VLADIMIR: It’s for the kidneys. (Silence. Estrogen looks attentively at the tree.) What do we do now? ESTROGEN: Wait. VLADIMIR: Yes, but while waiting. ESTROGEN: What about hanging ourselves? VLADIMIR: Hmm. It’d give us an erection. ESTROGEN: (highly excited). An erection! VLADIMIR: With

Hypnotic Beauty of the Concept

Exhibition “A Guide to making a Genie” (Gallery “427”, 12.12.2014.–6.2.2015.) Wizardry next to the Church of Jesus in Riga – the biggest wooden building in Latvia; on the Eve of New Year, gallery “427” hosted one of the conceptually most

CALL FOR PAPERS: Interdisciplinary Conference “The Body: Out of Time and Without a Place”

Institute of Art Research Vilnius Academy of Arts calls researchers in visual and performative arts, film studies, photography and literature, philosophers, historians, anthropologists and everyone concerned with body issues to contribute to the conference “The Body: Out of Time and Without a

From ’Untitled’ to ’Printed in Germany’

2015 02 27 / 7 pm
“From Untitled to Printed in Germany” is a talk by Linda van Deursen and the name of a collection of books that she recommends to the visitors of the CAC Reading Room. The publications presented throughout the opening will from

Renewable Futures 2015: Call for Conference Proposals

RENEWABLE FUTURES 2015: Transformative Potential of Art in the Age of Post-Media The 1st edition of new academic art and science conference series, complemented by the exhibition and festival programme October 8-10, 2015, Riga The Renewable Futures is a new

Miķelis Fišers announced the winner of “Purvītis Prize 2015”

Having received the highest score from the jury, the winner of the fourth Purvītis Prize is artist Miķelis Fišers. Tonight at an official ceremony Māra Lāce, Director of the Latvian National Art Museum, and Jānis Zuzāns, Chairman of the Board

The Asshole as the Origin of the World & Other Stories

2015 02 26 / 6 pm
Hark!   The horrible angels sing, Glory hole for those who ring, The Wolfman commeth! So grab your things, So hence the hysterical men will scream:   “Oh animal! Oh brute! Oh savagery! How can our love be so imaginary?

We don’t do meetings on artistic research as such anymore

The discussion about research has entered the field of art during the last two decades evidently and convincingly. Nevertheless there are many misunderstandings related to the term artistic research, its distinction from research in other fields of science and humanities,

Anne Lise Stenseth | Selected videoworks 2008-2014

2015 02 19 - 2015 02 28 / 6 pm
European women on the move: gender, migration and belonging in Anne Lise Stenseth´s “Kiss and Waste project” 2007-11, and the recent project “Qvela peri – Ara peri” 2014.Anne Lise´s works challenge the premises on which our community is based. She

Truth has died. Will she live again?

2015 02 25 - 2015 03 14 / 6 pm
You are invited to the opening of Aksel Haagensen’s exhibition Truth has died. Will she live again? on Wednesday, 25 February at 6 pm, at EAA gallery, Vabaduse väljak 6/8. Readers of online news websites are lulled into a circular process of scrolling through an endless stream of press photos and