POST gallery

POST is a new multifunctional cultural space oriented towards contemporary art. Address: Laisvės av. 51a., Kaunas, Lithuania

Audiovisual installation “Tower of Babel” by Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė and Dovydas Korba

2014 12 27 - 2015 01 04 / 6 pm
Language is what distinguishes humans from other animal species. But in reality created by words narratives are surprisingly flexible, unreliable. In ‘Tower of Babel’ linguistic fiction is explored by the documentary means. The method used for investigation of people is

Women Who Don’t Laugh

On Rasa Jansone’s personal exhibition “The Fog of Feeding” (Riga Art Space, 04.10-26.10.2014) and “To Art a Woman” (Art Academy of Latvia, 02.10.-24.10.2014, Curator: Elīna Ģibiete) “Wait, do we have to rape them all?” – these were the words by

The necro-romantism of S&P Stanikas. Trip to Mars at Malonioji 6

The necro-romantism of S&P Stanikas, living and working in Paris, is related to a certain  context of degenerating late sovietism and a later shifted socio-political and socio-cultural context, as well as to iconography of the classic Western art. However the

On parasitism and mimicry. PART I

On the 5th of December a first self-curated exhibition ‘Parasite & Mimicry’ by residents of Nida Art Colony was opened at Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius. Timos Alexandropoulos (GR), KVM (Ju Hyun Lee & Ludovic Burel, KR/FR), Christophe Wirth (DE)

Aija Bley’ “Love Stories”

2014 12 18 - 2015 01 14 / 6 pm
Aija Bley’s personal exhibition “Love Stories” at the Riga Art Space reminds of a famous history of the cinema: what Jean-Luc Godard wanted, ideally, was to make home movies in the guise of a fictional feature film, and to make

The Return of a Curonian Pilot and a Glass of the Seasonal Wine

2014 12 20 - 2014 12 21 / 4 pm
The project is a visual research of mythological landscape of the Curonian Spit. It is performed in a form of live cinema, where different times, documental and staged, history and myth unity into one multidemensional layer of the projected image.

Kilometre of Sculpture – Open Call

Kilometre of Sculpture is pleased to announce the open call for its 2015 exhibition. Artists working in any field or medium are invited to apply. The exhibition will be held from 4 – 26 July in the town of Võru in southern Estonia. Kilometre

The Heroine’s Yourney by Fideelia-Signe Roots at EAA gallery

2014 12 11 - 2015 01 21
Solo exhibition The Heroine’s Yourney by Estonian Academy of Arts’ PhD student Fideelia-Signe Roots presents stories of the masculine connoted phrase hero. By reproducing mythological characters, the artist is trying to disillusion the archetypal narratives rooted in the society. At

Exist-resist tactics in Parasite & Mimicry at CAC, Vilnius

The exhibition “Parasite & Mimicry” is a result of a one month intense group work at Nida Art Colony of the artists: Timos Alexandropoulos (GR), KVM (Ju Hyun Lee & Ludovic Burel, KR/FR), Christoph Wirth (DE), Irina Gheorghe (RO). The