Merging history and fiction. Dainius Liškevičius’ solo show “Labyrinthus”

The new exhibition of Dainius Liškevičius Labyrinthus presents a complex project that integrates the forms of architecture, sculpture and installation, also the genres of personal collection and retrospective. The architectural construction that was conceived by the artist in the Main Hall of

“Hollow Earth” by Emilija Škarnulytė and Tanya Busse online for preview

Hollow Earth is the result of a friendship and collaboration between Emilija Skarnulyte (LT) and Tanya Busse (CAN), that spanned many months and is still ongoing. The project is, more than anything, a platform that takes on different presentations given

Svajonė & Paulius Stanikas. Trip to Mars

2014 12 06 - 2014 12 16 / 6 pm
The necro-romantism of S&P Stanikas, living and working in Paris, is related to a certain  context of degenerating late sovietism and a later shifted socio-political and socio-cultural context, as well as to iconography of the classic Western art. However the

“Dead Ain’t Gone” by Kristians Brekte

2014 11 24 - 2014 01 09
Kristians Brekte’s creative work has always been saturated with vivid characters of imagination along with familiar symbols of popular culture, art and religion. In the hands of Brekte bones, crosses, and drips of black China ink become attributes of a

Sea as a metaphor of collective imagination and memory – “Imaginary Shores” exhibition at the newly opened Culture Factory in Klaipėda

This exhibition is about the sea and its intangible outlines, about the place we inhabit and we don‘t know, about longing, love and the feel of the sea, about meaning slipping through our fingers. Rather than a place for recreation

A Show as/on (Artistic) Research

2014 11 26 - 2014 11 29 / 6-9 pm
In the recent years artistic research has divided artist into at least two camps, while for the academia the number of the latter is at least three or even five. This slightly vague term has become a platform for speculation

Inquirers. PhD series: Dovilė Tumpytė. Embodied Art as a Black Box

2014 11 25 / 6 pm
Immediately after the intense simultaneous experience of physical and mediated realities in the Ghost Machine (2010), a physical cinema piece at Hebbel Theater in Berlin by Janet Cardiff and George Burr Miller, that lasted for half an hour, I could

Damage Assessment – exhibiting the museum

On the upcoming (very) long weekend from Thursday to Sunday, 20-23 November the Estonian Contemporary Art Museum is hosting the off-season show “Damage Assessment”. The exhibition brings together twelve artists, who base their works on the building they are exhibiting

The Artist Doesn’t Get His Hands Dirty: Visible Solutions and other impossible histories

‘There is no such thing as society’1 — Margaret Thatcher As I begin ticking the boxes on the ‘fax transaction’ of Estonian-based entrepreneurial collective Visible Solutions, the deadpan sincerity of this Limited Liability Company’s contact form seems deliberately reminiscent of

“Repair” by Sara Greenberger Rafferty at kim?

2014 11 21 - 2014 12 24 / 7 pm
Sara Greenberger Rafferty’s practice encompasses photography, video, sculptural installations and ephemeral works that are often inspired by the tropes of comedy, performance and media culture, as well as by her ongoing interest in notions of authorship, identity, and public versus