Resonant Chamber – a cycle of performances

2013 10 25 - 2013 10 26 / 6 pm
Resonant Chamber – a cycle of performances on aural spectrality programmed by Margarida Mendes within the European Capital of Culture 2014 project Waiting for… (Archeology of an Idea) will be taking place on October 25 and 26 at Latvian Artist

Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wein present “How to Wear Red” exhibition by Marge Monko

In 2012 the Henkel Art.Award went to Estonia for the first time. Film and photo artist Marge Monko – born in 1976 in Tallinn – was awarded the prize of 7,000 Euros and two exhibitions. From the 25 October 2013

Latvian photography in Frankfurt

From 17 October until 10 November the exhibition A Sense of Place. Contemporary Latvian Photography will be held at AusstellungsHalle 1A in Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition is part of the European cultural days 2013 – Latvia organized by European Central Bank in cooperation with Latvijas Banka.

NSK State in Time. A lecture by Miran Mohar (Irwin)

2013 10 16 / 7 pm
Miran Mohar (Irwin) presentation will focus on NSK State in Time, which was founded in 1992 as a transformation of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) art collective into NSK State in Time. NSK was formed in 1984 in Yugoslavia by


Rupert is a centre for Art and Education devoted to establishing close cooperation between artists, thinkers, researchers, and other cultural actors through interdisciplinary programs and residencies. A knowledge-based platform for innovative creative production, Rupert integrates with the social and cultural

Mixed media

2013 10 15 / 7 pm
(The system we have developed between us is in a way of course comedy, comedy overcome by tragedy? Might be. Tragedy is overcome by comedy, and both are overcome by art.) Mixed media by Carl Palm and Sebastian Rozenberg is

Nida Art Colony is hosting Symposium “Context in Flux” on remoteness, time and solitude

2013 10 12 - 2013 10 14
Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts and three Swedish institutions: The Swedish Exhibition Agency, Baltic Art Center and Art Lab Gnesta, collaborate to produce two symposiums for invited participants. The aim is to develop tools that can assist

Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association’s exhibition “In the Graveyards of Interdisciplinarity” in the spaces of JMVAC and Vilnius Gates

2013 10 17 - 2013 10 31 / 6 pm
Wherever there is fresh vivacity, it naturally finds its gender of expression (Vydūnas, “Consciousness”) One might get the impression that interdisciplinarity as a concept is not very relevant in discussing processes in contemporary art. Only occasionally does it make a

Tallinn Photomonth 2013

2013 09 27 - 2013 10 27
Tallinn Photomonth is an international festival of lens based art and visual culture, organised by the Union of Photography Artists of Estonia (Foku). The main programme of the festival includes two major group exhibitions: Shadows of a Doubt at Tallinn Art Hall

Migrating Art Academies laboratory “Creative Un(A)Counting”

Numeric representation of reality, as ubiquitous as it is, is not being commonly approached as one of the typical creative strategies, perhaps due to the fact that it communicates in many cases a pure factual data leaving other narrative devices aside.