Migrating Art Academies. Voices. 21-27 October 2013

Certain sounds cannot be perceived by an adult’s ear while they are easily heard by a child’s ear. And a sound doesn’t always sound the same – listen again and again, and new sounds appear. Dogs hear sounds that are

“Free Home Delivery” by Anna Clawson and Nicole Ward at the project space “Malonioji 6”

2013 08 24 - 2013 09 14 / 6 pm
Anna Clawson and Nicole Ward’s exhibition at Malonioji 6, entitled Free Home Delivery is their first in Lithuania. The exhibition draws upon the nature of television sitcom aesthetics, incorporating the idea that a studio set is a private and interiorised landscape. Within

VMU Art Gallery „101“

Vytautas Magnus University Arts Gallery 101 is a space located in-between-academic context, with a goal to induce connecting practices of contemporary art by using different strategies: educational, visual, performative, experiential, research… The gallery presents creative work of Lithuanian and foreign

Exhibition “Cinq Á Sept” by Oļa Vasiļjeva in kim? Contemporary Art Centre

2013 08 16 - 2013 09 29
R: Would you like to have a dialogue about Ola’s work with me? A: Yeah sure. Can’t say I totally get it though. R: Whose work do you feel you get entirely? A: Don’t know. Can’t say for sure. One

Exhibition “The Orange Corner” by Ojārs Pētersons in kim? Contemporary Art Centre

2013 08 16 - 2013 09 29
Before Vassiliy went back to Saint Petersburg, we talked about the exhibition by Ojārs Pētersons Oranžais stūris (The Orange Corner), which would be held at kim? in the middle of August, and Vassiliy was complaining about not being able to

Solo-exhibition by Kristaps Epners in kim? Contemporary Art Centre

2013 08 16 - 2013 09 29
The exhibition is centred around a particular group of works – video recordings and images. Other works are also displayed. One of the recordings shows an artist running a marathon in city streets. In a different one the artist has

kim? Contemporary Art Centre

kim? Contemporary Art Centre resides in a red 19th-century brick warehouse located in a sometime degenerated area near the Riga Central Market. The name of kim? is no less than an abbreviation of an insistent question “what is art?” (“kas ir māksla?”

Exhibition “Portrait of a bicycle with a boa” by Magone Šarkovska in the LCCA Office Gallery

2013 08 12 - 2013 09 20
The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) presents “Portrait of a bicycle with a boa” by the Latvian artist Magone Šarkovska – an ever-changing experimental workshop and exhibition, curated by art historian Šelda Puķīte. Four years ago, when answering a

Kaunas Biennial UNITEXT

Kaunas Biennial UNITEXT is the strongest magnet attaching contemporary art to Lithuania. Every two years, it not only attracts the most famous artists from Lithuania and abroad but also thousands admirers of contemporary art. This year, the contemporary art festival

Photo reportage from “Sput” exhibition at The Gardens