2013 09 05 - 2013 10 27 / 3 pm
This year’s ART IST KUKU NU UT exhibition, entitled PRADA PRAVDA, is an experimental cooperation project that takes place simultaneously in three exhibition spaces: the Tartu Art Museum, Noorus Gallery, and Y-gallery. In addition to the festival’s main organizers Rael

Contraband. A Challenge for Young Artists

2013 09 01 - 2013 09 15
Once we hear the word „contraband“, we imagine dark coloured images straigt away – drugs, human trafficking, illegal cigarettes. However Vilnius Art Academy invites to look at this phenomenon from a wider point of view. Participants of Migrating Art Academies

Illusionists. On stage design and contemporary art

2013 09 06 - 2013 10 16
Contemporary stage design is one of the elements of the language of theatre that help to create an illusion. And this illusion tries, in every way, to conceal the fact that it is not real. “Theatre dies if we lie”,

Summertime Readings. Selected works from Cesis Art Festival exhibition

2013 09 13 - 2013 10 16 / 6 pm
The exhibition Summertime Readings presents manifestations of fiction and documentary in the work of contemporary artists and explores contemporary art’s interaction with the time-based arts such as literature, theater, and cinema. The exhibition pays special attention to original and powerful

A Pledge. The First Part of a Trick – 04 – Kiva

2013 08 30 - 2013 10 20 / 5 pm
On the 30th August, 2013 at 5 pm at Klaipeda Art Center – KCCC (Didzioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipeda) the fourth exhibition/episode of a project “A Pledge. The First Part of a Trick” called “Kiva” will be presented. The project

Latvian Contemporary Art Museum reveals part of its collection in the “…for an occurrence to become an adventure…” exhibition this September

Since 2005 ABLV Bank have been accumulating a collection of contemporary art, to become part of the collection of the Contemporary Art Museum as soon as it is built. With the exhibition “…for an occurrence to become an adventure…” at

VMU gallery “101” calls for exhibition proposals

Like every year VMU gallery „101“ is announcing an open call to all wishing to exhibit or implement artistic projects at the gallery in the year 2014. Applications are accepted until October 15th 2013.  Please send your application by e-mail or mail it

sale at the bookstore: we’re off to NYC

2013 08 29 / 6 pm
[six chairs] BOOKS bookstore (Vytauto pr. , Kaunas) invites to their first sale on Thursday, 29th of August. The summer ends with August. Let’s end August with a sale. “And August the most peaceful month.” This intangible peacefulness – delivered, somehow candidly,

[six chairs] BOOKS

“Same Difference” exhibition at the recently opened Arts Centre “POST”

As the world gets more and more globalised, synthesis is becoming more appreciated. The new cultural space “POST” reveals unexpected processes and encourages new experiences that are valued from different points of the world, but at the same time –