Constructed Land: Dutch Stories by Patricija Jurkšaitė in Vartai Gallery

The Netherlands is one of those countries that are more sharply defined in one’s imagination than on the map. Country-constructs like these seem familiar even before one visits them, so standing in the middle of their realness can give one

Kumu, April 2013 – multiple curatorial disorder

Covering Japanese animation, German clash art-design, and Estonian seminal solo, the contents of Kumu’s early-April offerings all exhibit symptoms of curatorial distress. Taken as one drawn out experience, as with any such institutional gluttony, the gallery goer comes away similarly

Collective adventures – to set up society less absurd than the system

The situation of contemporary architecture in Estonia is – as anywhere else – drawing from and feeding back into social, cross-disciplinary relations it builds on. To raise some of the under-discussed topics of this cyclic loop, it is vital to

Behind the Masks. Is There Such a Place?

THIS SIDE UP, a group exhibition by Liisi Eelmaa (b. 1982) and Minna Hint (b. 1981), was held in the Black Hall of the Sleeping Beauty Castle (Okasroosikese Loss, in Tallinn’s Old Town, 19 Uus Street) on 8 – 15

Photo reportage from the exhibition Berlin–Riga. Scores for Indeterminate Places

The exhibition Berlin–Riga. Scores for Indeterminate Places amalgamates various temporal line segments and transcends both spatial and territorial boundaries, focusing on the meeting of two geographical and cultural hubs: Riga and Berlin in time and space, and artistic strategies, which

Thumbs up for the “It” project: interview with Estonian Pavilion team at 55th Venice Biennale

The post-conceptualist and minimalist Dénes Farkas[1] seems to be the present “it boy” of the Estonian contemporary art scene. His works are clean, pure and monochrome monuments in a quiet space locked in the frame of the photos. They are