“Recuperating the Invisible Past” book release by Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

The most recent publication by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) – the collection of essays and articles in Latvian and English – “Recuperating the Invisible Past” introduces and examines the Latvian, Baltic and Eastern European neo-avanguard art of

Unsettle and redistribute

Disidentification [is] a removal from the naturalness of a place, the opening up of a subject space where anyone can be counted since it is the space where those of no account are counted, where a connection is made between

National Character of Lithuanian Art

Ten years have passed since I read Lev Manovich’s texts and since I was thinking that trying to differentiate cultures within the globalized and networked world is quite tricky. While Manovich continues defining Western and Eastern features[1] I came up with a

Surviving in Downshifting Mode

This September  have pitched the consistency of cultural events in Riga. As every year, the culture forum White Nights offers a diverse and intensive program, which actually  cannot be seen in a one night. However, assuming that each of us has our