Baltic Triennial of International Art in a single human being – Mindaugas

The 11th edition of the Baltic Triennial of International Art at Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre is taking a turn to a more condensed format: a 12 day event focused exclusively on performance and film. Countering the tendency of biennials to

Mindaugas Gapševičius: On official knowledge of contemporary art and trauma

Abandoned Mystery is an interdisciplinary project on exploring the constitution of the phenomena of abandoned military sites in the Baltic Sea area. In cooperation with partners the team is organizing field-trips towards abandoned places in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Finland. “What

The last week of the “Lithuanian Art: 18 Exhibitions” at CAC

Contemporary Art Centre (Vokiečių St. 2, Vilnius) invites to attend the events following the last week of an exhibition “Lithuanian Art 2012: 18 Exhibitions”. The entrance to the exhibition on August 11th-12th is free of charge. On Friday, August 10th,