Rebirth of the obsolete. “Memory Loss” by Uku Pira

When visiting the graduation show of Tartu Art College, one of the works stood out from the others. It was Uku Pira’s (1985) audio-video installation „Memory Loss“, which was about nostalgic recycling of obsolete technology. Installed in a dark room

Aesthetics of conceptual art and concept of aesthetic art in works of Alver Linnamägi

Alver Linnamägi’s (b. 1988) exhibition “Terms and Conditions” appealed to me because as I walked around for the first time, I did not get any of it. The meanings were hermetically sealed into themselves. There was a wall almost covered

Road trip to Manifesta 9 and Documenta 13: 1st part

Like every trip, this road trip started with high hopes, rolling expectations about big world-famous exhibitions, adventures on every corner, good road music and stops on the way to have coffee, to fill in and out. A curators-artists’ team from