“Here is always somewhere else”. Interview with Miks Mitrēvics

On the last week of April, 2011, an exhibition “ARTscape: LATVIA” was opened in VARTAI Gallery (Vilniaus St. 39) introducing the works of the Latvian artist Miks Mitrēvics and Lithuanian painter Linas Jusionis. Miks Mitrēvics (born 1980 in Riga) is

Exhibition “VARTAI 20 years: Ugnius Gelguda” at “Vartai” gallery, Vilnius

Early June, VARTAI gallery will open the second exhibition from the cycle dedicated to the gallery’s 20th anniversary. The exhibition will feature the latest works by the Lithuanian artist Ugnius Gelguda. The first exhibition of the cycle VARTAI: 20 years