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Photo reportage from exhibition 'Dunes' by Antanas Gerlikas at CAC, Vilnius

Natural, cultural, technological meditations | Stella Pelše | Review from Latvia

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Hybrid(…)scapes’ at Nida Art Colony

Colour Me Naïve | Šelda Puķīte

It's Late Afternoon | Merle Luhaäär | Review from Estonia

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Dunes’ by Antanas Gerlikas at CAC, Vilnius
by Echo Gone Wrong

“Would you like to learn to communicate with space and its diversity, to meet people who are not anywhere close at the moment?” asked an invisible, inaudible force in one of Antanas’ dreams, which he wrote down, just like he

Natural, cultural, technological meditations
by Stella Pelše

Art Festival Cēsis celebrates its 10th anniversary this year with its annual contemporary art exhibition demonstrating new works especially commissioned from reputable Latvian artists; that means a guaranteed fresh experience and not a tour of well-known creations already existing in

Climbing Invisible Structures. Ritualized Disciplinary Practices in Social Life. Part 3: Žeimiai
by Echo Gone Wrong

The idea of “climbing invisible structures” invokes not only something hidden, but also something vertiginous and inaccessible. It invites “us” (artists and audiences as participants) to engage and reflect on the complex and multi-layered relationships between the references and meanings

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Hybrid(…)scapes’ at Nida Art Colony
by Echo Gone Wrong

Exhibition title: Hybrid(…)scapes Organised by:  Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts Venue: Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts (Taikos st 43, Nida) Date: 23rd July – 28th August 2016 Artists: Pakui Hardware (LT), DISTRUKTUR (BR/DE), Franziska

Colour Me Naïve
by Šelda Puķīte

Review on solo exhibition by Inga Meldere ‘House by the Waterfall or Colouring Books for Adults’ Temnikova & Kasela, Tallinn Behind the monumental concrete walls of a Stalinist era building and a neon sign reading ‘Temnikova’ exists ‘Temnikova & Kasela’,

Instrumentation for Hybrids. Conversation with the artists Anna Romanenko and Björn Kühn
by Jogintė Bučinskaitė

When speaking about any of the natures surrounding and inscribed in us, we are increasingly often beset with doubts regarding their naturalness. The Hybrid(…)scapes exhibition at VAA Nida Art Colony deals precisely with this kind of scenarios when we try

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Fake. Landscape’ at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre
by Echo Gone Wrong

Elena Grudzinskaitė analyses the relationship of the individual and the territory, the limits and fragility of the parameters of space and time, the human impact on the physical changes of the environment, and the “levitation” of the notion of landscape

A Few Notes on ‘Notes on Tomorrow’
by Jogintė Bučinskaitė

A group show of works by twenty-one artists titled Notes on Tomorrow opened on June 17th at the Meno Forma gallery and the Ars et Mundus art incubator in Kaunas, organised by the CreArt network. The exhibition presents a series

It’s Late Afternoon
by Merle Luhaäär

Anyone tired of ‘white cube’ spaces will be delighted to step into the darkness of Paul Kuimet’s solo exhibition Late Afternoon, currently on display at Tallinn City Gallery. The show has a minimalistic built up structure which quickly hides the

Photo reportage from the exhibition “End of Meaning” at Editorial
by Echo Gone Wrong

When she first saw Donald Trump face on her facebook feed, she thought it was a hoax. Some fictional character from the Late night or Morning show or whatever daytime show they watch there for entertainment. The fact that this

Festival “Sculpture Quadrennial Riga” will take over Riga this fall
by Echo Gone Wrong

“Sculpture Quadrennial Riga” is an international contemporary arts festival focusing on sculpture and installation. Since the first event in 1972, festival brings together participants from different countries and backgrounds to reflect on globally important topics. In its twelfth edition, SQR

Euphoric dystopias. Julijonas Urbonas’ exhibitions “Prototypes of Alternative Realities” at the Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre and “Airtime” at the XXI Triennale di Milano
by Jurij Dobriakov

Critical techno art is still tragically scarce in Lithuania. The word “tragically” comes up involuntarily when stopping to think about how much one’s life is majorly governed by technology today, and how relevant this topic has become in the international

Slightly gothic undertones. Interview with Yuri Pattison
by Monika Kalinauskaitė

Yuri Pattison investigates the forces of labor in digital economies and crooked intersections between the real and virtual in a variety of media: video, web, sculptural installations. In this interview we discussed the notion of abject, which has recently been

Photo reportage from the exhibition ‘Nothing Lost, Nothing Found’ by Evita Vasiļjeva at 427 Gallery
by Echo Gone Wrong

The white wall seen through the empty frame adds to an antiseptic atmosphere. A fluorescent light placed conspicuously in front of the object suggests being in a workplace with an object still under construction. But as one gets closer, the

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall…’ Some Notes on Contemporary Art Market Rituals
by Victoria Ivanova

Understanding of the contemporary art field’s economy is fragmented and notoriously immersed in mystique.[1] The fragmented nature is often attributed to the economy lacking in a clearly identifiable empirical imprint that could transcribe the field into quantifiable data, feeding econometric

Photo reportage from the exhibition “Omega 3” in Mooste, Estonia
by Echo Gone Wrong

In the Southeastern corner of Estonia there is a rich cultural life fermenting in the village of Mooste. One can find everything from the idyll to the forgotten, industry and agriculture, craft and contemporary art. On July 2nd the unique

Photo reportage from the exhibition “Faith” at Vilnius Art Academy exhibition halls “Titanikas”
by Echo Gone Wrong

Situated in a former monastery ensemble and surrounded by other sacral buildings and monuments, Vilnius Academy of Arts remains a community of faith even in the contemporary world of pragmatic creative industries. Even the name of the Academy’s main exhibition

Returning residents prepare for the “Hybrid(…)scapes” exhibition at VAA Nida Art Colony
by Echo Gone Wrong

Artists who were residents at the remote Nida Art Colony once or several times have come back from Austria, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Brazil, and have been working in Nida over the recent month. Seven artists and artist

Photo reportage from the exhibition “The Harmony of Chaos” at ALMA gallery, Riga
by Echo Gone Wrong

The Harmony of Chaos is curated by Elīna Sproģe and it will be on view at Alma Gallery until 5th of August 2016. Artists: Camille Henrot (FR/USA), Daiga Grantiņa (LV/FR), Māra Brīvere (LV) The conceptual basis for the exhibition is

Exhibition RESTART at the Riga Art Space: An Intermedial Journey into Contemporary Photography
by Laine Kristberga

For Restart, a key exhibition of the Riga Photography Biennial 2016, the Riga Art Space hall has become a technologically mediated space where photography has been presented as a multidisciplinary medium of art. The exhibition serves as a prime example